Humor and celebration improvised with “tremendous varieté? of Net Weight

The actors Daniel Chacón, Pablo Dragone and Marcelo Cioffi will put in scene their new theater piece “Bar and three…?.

“Varieté is a succession of numbers that do not have anything to do one with the other, but always must be present the celebration proposal. There is no director, there is no puestista, there is no author. The undisputed subject is the actor and the one that everything maintains?. This phrase him belongs to dramatist and educational Argentinean, Leandro Rosati, who in his artistic trajectory dedicated itself to this theater sort, that was born in Europe a century ago and that in Argentina reached popularity in the decade of `60, of the hand of great figures like Carlos Perciavalle and Antonio Gasalla.

This nonconventional form “to make theater? was taken by the members of the independent group Net Weight; Daniel Chacón, Pablo Dragone and Marcelo Cioffi, to create its new theater spectacle “Bar and three, tremendous varieté?. The work, that will count on the special participation of the actress Paula Ferrer, will be released tomorrow, from the 23, in the rest bar C-Positive (Ameghino 965).

Humor in key of absurd

After surprising the public with “Oniria?, a psychological drama of Martin Giner, Net Weight Theater returns with a totally different proposal, that it bets to the humor and the search of a direct bonding with the spectator.

Without advancing too many details on the performance, one of his protagonists, Marcelo Cioffi, it commented that “one is a spectacle made up of seven independent numbers but that at the same time they are successive. During the putting we dare to play within the scenic space and to break the barrier that divides to the actor of its public, something that the conventional theater does not allow you?.

“Bar and three, tremenso varieté? is a collective creation, that arose from the reading from texts, theater improvisations and games.

The esthetic one of the spectacle responds to the characteristics that they identify to varieté: the actors develop in a nonconventional and informal space, in this case a bar; and they put between the hearing, that is located in the tables.

“Varieté has innate a question associated to the festive thing and generally the bars or coffees are lent for this type of improvisations where the actor takes what happens in the place for incorporalo to the work, even the errors. What has of individual is that in spite of having a format related to easy humor, we followed more with a way of elaborated work. We like much to approach our creations from the absurd thing, which allows the actor to play its potential yet. It amuses much everything to us what has to do with the dissosciation of the reality?, added Cioffi.

A communion with the public

Without more stage scene than the one than it offers the bar (chairs, tables and a counter) and accidental clothes, Net Weight Theater will look for to make laugh to the spectator through corporal gestures, words and movements. On the matter, Marcelo Cioffi emphasized that “we wanted to prioritize the actoral work not as much and the ornamental question, because varieté has a certain dynamics that if you do many clothes changes or stage scene decays and bores. Us to work with this sort he is very funny because a climate more relaxed is generated than in a conventional work. The fantastic thing of varieté is that it renews the expectations, as much of the protagonists as of the public?.

The opening of “Bar and three…? it will be tomorrow, but the idea of the list is to give him to a continuity the next Fridays of this month to manage to install varieté within the artistic proposals of the theater billboard salteña. It will be a spectacle of humor to the cap. Reserves to the 4228218.

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