II Encuentro of Latin American Popular Theater in Jujuy

This behind schedule to 19, the second festival organized by the groups will be realized the Pink Theater, the Shade Theater and Art Of Us.

Our province will be by second consecutive year soothes of Encuentro of Popular Theater Latin American Entepola Jujuy 2010, that begins today and it will extend until the next Wednesday.

In this edition in addition, it is possible to emphasize that the Entepola will extend to other provinces of the NOA, by express order of his artists. Thus it will arrive at Tucuman, Salta and Catamarca, that this time will act as you soothe of the encounter in Jujuy.

Surpassing widely the expectations of an artistic festival that began in 2009 and that united pieces of different countries in moved active Jujuy generating one theater one; it is that for this year it is predicted that the second Entepola with the perspective is realized of which is multitudinal and that congregates theater proposals not only, but also of diverse originating disciplines of the art.

“It is not really possible to be thought that the festival has grown as much in a year. From the public, from our companions artists and the people of all Latin America and Europe. In fact you ponés entepolajujuy in Internet and are like 30 pages with notes and new features, anecdotes and forums. For that reason the possibility is important of having everything in Jujuy, we have in the hands an international event that allows the jujeños that do not go away of vacations to comprise of this activity, to have an international festival of theater with factories, with conferences and music, that is had over-sized? explained Roman Germa'n, the chief of a main directorate of the encounter to the Tribuno de Jujuy.

One is a festival that will reunite to native Latin American companies of different provinces from our country, Peru, Chile, Venezuela, Mexico and Colombia and Brazil, which they will exhibit his theater pieces in soothes power station that, like the last year, will be in the ex- station of trains. Also there will be presentations in five capital districts.

“The programming is of four spectacles per night, with artistic samples. Aside it is going to have activity in San Pedrito, the Falklands, Comedero Stop, Santa Rosa and Kings, trying to arrive at the districts and, in the interior, we are going to be in Tilcara, Liberator, Perico and Palpalá? mentioned Roman, also director of the Pink Theater that director of the Shade tells on the work of Gabriela Espinoza Theater and Sergio Diaz Fernandez, director of Art Of Us (ADN), coordinating of the festival next to 40 local teatreros.

“As always it is a totally gratuitous proposal where there is a previous organization. Practically a month ago we worked for this, we dedicated ourselves to this to be able to cause that people can see the 150 artists who are going to arrive at Jujuy?.

Projection of II the Entepola
Due to the success of the call in 2009, it is that the artists of Jump, Tucuman and Catamarca showed an outstanding interest in taking this festival from theater to their scenes.

According to words of the director Roman Germa'n, the spectacles that will appear in our province, also they will comprise of next the Entepolas which they will take place in the provinces of Jumps, Tucuman, Santiago of Estero and Catamarca.

“It is already announced that the third party (Entepola) is going away to do in Jujuy and we are thinking again about meetings with the governments of the provinces so that the more important international circuit of the theater in Argentina forms, where Jujuy would continue being the head and the organization. Soon one would move to Jumps and from Tucuman spectacles to the Band (Santiago of the Matting) and to Santa Maria would be derived (Catamarca). It is a phenomenon that extends opposite? indicated.

Other disciplines

Like adhesion to this theater activity, to the festival other artistic disciplines like the painting and the crafts will be added.

“Plastics Will have exhibitions of 42 that goes to expose pictures in festival, that is very important because the painter also adds itself to this moved popular to be able to arrive at people in massive form? explained Roman, whom soon he affirmed that the organizers of the fair “the Hands Do? and of the Urquiza stroll, also will realize a special fair surroundings to the ex- station. “Not only there will be theater but music, plastic, literary nights and projections of videos? it finalized.

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