Imperdible cycle of Latin American experimental cinema

of the 11 of next September to the 6 of October, one will appear in the Museum of Beautiful Arts of Jumps (Belgrano 992) the cycle of cinema and Latin American experimental video Visionaries. The entrance will be gratuitous.

Produced by Cultural Itaú and with the auspice of the Museum of Beautiful Arts of It jumps, the UNSa and the Area of experimentation and spreading in Culture and Arte (AEDCA), this muetsra presents/displays 73 works organized in nine programs, including the countries of Central America, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, the Caribbean, Colombia, Cuba, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico, Uruguay, Paraguay and Venezuela.

Visionaries are the result of an investigation process and curaduría in charge of: Arlindo Machado (historical anthology), Elias Levin (Mexico, America Central and the Caribbean), Jorge the Fer it (Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, and Paraguay), Marta Vélez (Cuba, Ecuador, Bolivia, Colombia and Venezuela) and Robert Moreira S. Cross (Brazil).

This itinera sample by different countries between which are Brazil, Bolivia and Mexico.

The presentation of Visionaries will count on Presencia de Jorge the Fer it, (Professor of the University of the Cinema and the GRAPE) and Ana Claudia Garci'a (Professor of the School of Cinema of the UNT).


11 of September - 18,30 hs
Presentation of Jorge the Fer it

• Program: Stories in the Border. Curador: Jorge the Fer it

12 of September - 11 hs.
Conference of Ana Claudia Garci'a

• Program: Imaginary machines and. Curador: Jorge the Fer it

• Program: Paradigms of the Experimental thing. Curador: Arlindo Machado

22 of September - 19 hs.

• Program: Paradigms of the Latinidad. Curador: Arlindo Machado

• Program: Altered states. Curadora: Marta Vélez

29 of September - 19 hs.

• Program: Of Public Dominion. Curadora: Marta Vélez

• Program: In the Zapping. Curador: Elias Levin

6 of October - 19 hs.

• Program: Other Convergences. Curador: Elías Levin

• Program: Audio-visual tropical. Curador: Robert Moreira S. Cross

About Cultural Itaú

Cultural Itaú is a for charity tie institution to Itaú Bank. It was founded on 1987 and from 2008 he is present with activities in Argentina. The artistic activity includes/understands all the disciplines and has national reach. Throughout these years it has been transformed into one of the main cultural institutions of referring Brazil and of Latin America.

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