Imperdible Cycle of gratuitous Concerts of the Foundation Encounter

Thursday 5 of August, with the presentation of the pianist Adrián Kreda, will give to beginning a imperdible Cycle of gratuitous Concerts organized by the Secretariat of Culture of the Province and the Foundation International Encounter of Contemporary Music.

The Cycle will present/display in our city four concerts with outstanding artists of the international scene musical, who will be developed of gratuitous way in the House of the Culture of Jumps (Homemade 460) and in the Provincial Theater of She jumps (Zuviría 70).

First of them the romanticism in Switzerland and Poland is denominated and will take place in the Provincial Theater of Jumps, Thursday 5 of August to 21,30, with the action of the Argentine pianist Swiss Adrián Kreda.

Romand will interpret Cahier, Cinq pièces pour piano and Hommage à Albert Roussel de Arthur Honegger, Esquisse de Frank Martin, Prélude in forms of nocturne of Julien Zbinden and 3 Baladas n op 47 of Federico Chopin, in the first part. In second, it will offer 24 Preludes op.28 and 40 Polonesa op N° 1, also of Chopin.

The cronogram of concerts will continue of the following way:

Thursday 12 of August: The Passegiata - House of the Culture.

Thursday 26 of August: Pair Kameda - Balet - Provincial Theater of Jumps.

Friday 10 of September: Group Encounter - House of the Culture.

Adrián Kreda, pianist

Pianist of Argentine and Swiss nationality, was born in Buenos Aires. It resides in Switzerland where he is dean of piano and professor of the Conservatory of Music of Geneva.

One graduated in 1986 in the National Conservatory of Music of Buenos Aires like Professor Superior de Música. In Argentina it obtained numerous first in national contests of piano.

In 1985, the prize of the Contest Lationamericano de Piano organized by Musical Youths of Argentina with a scholarship of improvement in the Academy of Music of Krakow was granted him (Poland)

In 1992 it later obtained the diploma of “Virtuosité? of Piano and the one of “Culture Musicale? of the Conservatory of Geneva.

Adrián Kreda has given numerous concerts and developed an ample musical repertoire.

From 1976 one appears regularly in public in the most important rooms of Argentina, among others the Great Room of the Theater Columbus of Buenos Aires, and other Latin American countries, like the Theater Sao Pedro of San Pablo (Brazil) and the Mozarteum of Montevideo (Uruguay).

It has been recorded live in the National Radio of Buenos Aires, the TV of Buenos Aires, and National Radio S.O.D.R.E of Montevideo (Uruguay), the radio and Polish television, the Radio Suisse Romande.

From 1987, already in Europe, it frequently carries out recitales and concerts with orchestra in Switzerland, Poland, France, Austria, Spain, Portugal, Denmark, Greece, Holland and Czech Republic.

In Poland (1992) it realized the first interpretation of Concert no. 1 for piano and orchestra of Alberto Ginastera. In France (1996) it interpreted the integral cycle of sonatas for piano of Beethoven in a series of 8 concerts.

In Switzerland it acts habitually like soloist with the Orchestra of Camera of Lancy-Geneva with that recorded several CDs.

Virtuoses is member of the sets of camera music “Them romantiques? and “Ensemble metropolitain?, with those who it realizes concerts in all Europe.

At the moment one is realizing a series of concerts dedicated to Schumann with the Ensemble de Cámara of the Orchestra of the Suisse Romande.

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