“Improcrash? in Jujuy

The art to improvise arrives through all the senses.
The Company Argentina de outstanding Improvisación in its sort “Improcrash? will appear the 16 of the current to 22 in the Miter Theater.
Improcrash! Multimedia is game, emotion, adrenalin and creativity. Humor is the main axis of this vertiginous show nourished multimedia of live improvisations, added to captivating special and musical effects.
Four actors improvise on titles invented by the public, in a style or sort also selected by the spectators, between a twenty of possibilities (police officer, slow motion, gauchesco, soap opera, rhyme, suspension and science fiction, among others).

The artists enter scene without previous agreement among them and create brief histories, without utilería, music, clothes nor choreography. The objects and effects that are included in each improvisation are represented by they themselves. During the show, a conductor unfolds his audio-visual creativity in the advance payment and closes of histories.

“Improcrash? it is the creation of infinite personages to the service of multiple histories that arise from riquísimo feedback (connection) between the public and undergone professional of the improvisation.

The entrances on sale are 50 pesos (it silverplates), 40 pesos (social gathering).

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