Noble Iván will present/display its hearing aid in the Miter theater

The soloist will tonight arrive at the greater scene from the coliseo jujeño with new and recognized songs.

Tonight to 22, Noble the Iván soloist will present/display its musical spectacle with a special repertoire in the Miter Theater.

In conversation with the Tribuno de Jujuy, the artist expressed that there will be an unfolding of songs in an acoustic show where will show compositions of all discs like soloist of the sort.

“I am going to present/display an acoustic show of all discs soloists, with a return to its origins, to the pure sounds?, anticipated.

Different characteristics will have this presentation that it will cross in one more a more intimate version of those classic songs of his repertoire with the subjects with the aim of returning to ashes from already known. “The show is going to be trim in the songs with a letter very set out, that before that way was lost with the presence of other instruments of the band. Generally I when I compose deal with who the song is undressed, that is what I want to show? explained the artist.

As far as the repertoire, the spectators will be able to listen to subjects pertaining to different stages from their race like musician.

“We are going to offer the most well-known songs of my CD in the days of Horsemen of the Burning fire where they are going away to listen “Oxidized?, “a minute before quererte? and “Toad of another Well?, among others subjects, but also many new ones that have other messages? announced.

At present, Nobleman is tour in the heat of, reason why, consulted by our newspaper, he commented that until the moment the answer that always received from people was the best one.

“The public celebrates a little to know the songs from another place, where one is more relaxed, so that this jujeño is going to be an encounter with the very particular public?, maintained.


Noble the Iván singer was the leader of the Horsemen of the Burning fire between 1990 and the 2002.

Soon one turned upside down towards the action (a film participated in several televising strips and) and published “mistaken Questions?, his first disc soloist, in March of year 2003.

In 2006 the Martin won Iron to the Best Subject Original Music by “Lying down?, composed for “the Criminal? series carried out by Diego Peretti and Ines Estévez. “Inclemency? was published at the beginning of 2007.

“This disc is marked by the paternity, because all the subjects do not speak of my son, but because it is impossible that, after receiving the happiest news of your life, that is not strained in everything what you write? mentioned on the CD that, as it cuts diffusion had to “Olivia?, a compound subject imagining that his baby would be baby.

Finally, “Said and done? (2009) it is a disc of compilation, but recorded live in the Studies Beat Circus.

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