Young actors of Tucuman present/display a work in Jumps

The piece “Rotary, exclusive theater for partners? will raise scene tonight and tomorrow in the House of the Culture.

A group of students of the fourth year of the race of Theater of the National University of Tucuman will raise the scene today and tomorrow, from the 22, in the Mecano Room, of the House of the Culture - Homemade 460-.

The young people will interpret “Rotary, exclusive theater for partners?, who are a work of Hernán Mora'n, directed by Sergio Prina. He tries on a group of artists who one night, while they return from an art sample, talk on their dissatisfaction with respect to which they see in the different rooms that, unfailingly, do not surpass their expectations. From there, they decide to form innovating an artistic movement that does not group in fact to that they are producing works, but, this new group produces nothing either, only criticism. It is an irony on the world of the art. The work counts this history through daily and desopilantes situations that, besides making laugh, they invite to the reflection. The script leaves space for the improvisation, does not have a defined text, reason why the resolutions of each one of the situations maintain the expectant public. “We enjoyed very many this work because beyond the great repercussion that we had in Tucuman, the work amuses much to us and it allows reírnos us of we ourself?, the actor expressed Guillermo Katz.
The group of young actors is integrated by Car it Breslin, Rodrigo Herrera, Illuminato Flora, Guillermo Katz and Flavia Rodriguez. “We are companions from first year and come making several things in the faculty, but it is the first time that we left to show a work outside Tucuman. We are very contentments because in addition we are consolidating like group?, said the actress Car it Breslin.

A challenge

The work is the result of the final examination of the chairs Practical of Action I and Theater Direction, that the actors rendered in the Faculty of Arts of the UNT. The examination consisted of three functions that offered the public and which they had very good results, because besides obtaining a good qualification, they were praised and many applause of the tucumano public took.
“In Tucuman there is one moved of very interesting theater and that, for example, allows that we pruned to resolve the expenses that imply to mount a work and thus we pruned to undertake projects like this one, to come to act to It jumps?, commented the Flavia actress Rodriguez.

The clothes and the stage scene are designed and produced completely by the group of students who tonight will act for the first time in a scene salteño.
The first function is predicted for tonight from the 22, in Caretakers 460. The general entrance will be of $15.

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