“Jujuy?, the new subject in study of Divided

The paper clip of images of video of sample of the Gorge of Humahuaca and in particular of Tilcara, where sometimes it touched the band.

  The band led by Ricardo Mollo Term to record In the last days its new disc, is cuts Whose first “Jujuy?. One is the first work in study with the drummer Catriel Ciavarella.

  The last disc before this recording, still that does not have name, was “I come from placard of another one?, reason why the fanatics waited for several During the years this “reappearance?.

  In means, the band had registered “Alive here?, in the Great Rex.

  Other subjects of the new disc Will be “Men in U?, “a Dead? and laburar “Looking for an angel?, according to extended, Although They could change of name.

  Gentility of Tribuno de Jujuy

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