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The Symphony orchestra presents/displays “Universal Beethoven IV today?

Today to 22 the Symphony orchestra of the UNT will present/display “Universe Beethoven IV?, a new chapter of the ambitious project that faced: to touch during the year the nine symphonies of the German composer. The appointment is in the Alberdi Theater (Jujuy 99), under the baton of Gustavo Guersman and with invited soloists.

The formation will execute the Symphony Nº 4, composed by Heroic and the Villa, a masterpiece that unjustly was relegated within the repertoire of Ludwig Van Beethoven.

This piece represented the takeoff of the models of Haydn and Mozart, and definitively exhibited a creator who with his personality revolutionized the symphonic world and assumed the sort with own voice.

The program is completed with the Concert Nº 4 for piano, that was made up of Beethoven in parallel to the symphony. This piece will count like soloist to one of the more important Argentine pianists of the moment: Fernando Perez.

Been born in Buenos Aires, Perez developed a race of international projection. She is an outstanding judge who received numerous prizes, between which stands out Konex 2009. One appeared next to main the Argentine and European orchestras in scenes worldwide.

“Sounds of the north?

The next Friday, the Orchestra will separate momentarily from its symphonic route to present/display the concert “Sounds of the north?, of the hand of the American director Carl Christensen. The musicians will interpret “To the east of the paradise? (text based of John Steinbeck, that gave rise to the film with James Dean). Images in simultaneous form with images in the screen will project.

Also there will be a selection of pieces of George Gershwin, jazz and black spirituals.
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