The German band Haggard will bring to Jumps its proposal of symphonic rock

The salteños of Saying of the Limb will be the teloneros of the show.

The lovers of heavy metal will return to enjoy another show of international character, since the Germans of Haggard will include to Jumps within their national tour. One of the most important bands of the gothic scene at world-wide level will bring its symphonic metal proposal, death metal and doom metal, to the Theater of the Orchard. The recital will be today, from the 21.30.

For Saying the salteños musicians of the Limb, the one of today it will be one night special because they will have the possibility of being the teloneros of this show of international character.

The Adagio name of the two Limb summarizes meaning totally opposite, on the one hand divine (limb) and the earthly thing (saying). Both concepts are reflected in the letters of their songs, all of their responsibility, that speaks of the human emotions and tells to myths and legend.

It is the unique band in Jumps that it makes “metal gothic?, a style that mixes heavy music with the classic music and that is characterized by the incorporation of feminine and masculine voices, especially sopranos and tenors.

Next to record their first record work, the musicians Saying of the Limb characterize themselves to include in their repertoire subjects of their responsibility.

Between earthly and the divine thing

In spite of to have formed in the 2002, Saying of the Limb today lives its better moment, not only because it will have the opportunity of being telonera of one of the three more important bands of the gothic scene at world-wide level, but also because it counts on a consolidated formation, after several changes during last the seven years. Their present members are Romina Sandoval (lyrical voice), Maria Schneider (lyrical voice), Luis Flowers (lyrical voice), Carlos Compared (battery and programming), Hernán Herrera (guitars) and Daniel Murillo (under). Between his next projects it is the recording of his first record work. “The Adagio name of the Limb lets to us write on many things. Saying is related to the earthly thing and the Limb symbolizes the divine thing, that is to say what is outside the human knowledge. In the letters of our songs one is reflected the perfect balance between the land and the extra-sensory thing?, explained the Carlos drummer Compared.

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