“The Calandria? maintains its voice and its use

The singer will appear tomorrow in the new edition of the Celebration of the Pachamama, in the locality of Purmamarca.

The Gladys singer Rodriguez, well-known in the artistic atmosphere like “the Bolivian Calandria?, will be one of the main figures during the new edition of the Celebration of the Pachamama, that will tomorrow be fulfilled in the locality jujeña of Purmamarca.

The appointment folkloric will summon important representatives of northern music, some of resident them at the moment in Europe, as Miguel is the case of tilcareño Key. Also bandoneón greater of the Gorge will stand out the presence of Daniel Vedia “?, and the soloist Claudia Vilte.

“It will be a pleasure to act in that locality jujeña, a province that always offered much love me. I will review my extensive repertoire, where I will include the great successes of my artistic race?, assured the singer.

Rodriguez was born in the Bolivian locality of Huacaya, department of Sucre, but from very small she took root in the province of Jumps. “When she was young it sang in the scholastic acts and familiar meetings in my native town. Just when Santa Rosa lived in Colony, I began to penetrate in the professional plane, always tie to the Bolivian folklore. Just at the beginning of `90 my son Robert impelled to me to sing tropical, and so he was not mistaken, arose in my repertoire `Pasito there tum tum', that was a success between people?, added.

She realized his first passages in music within our province next to the orchestra of Lizardo Macías. “Thanks to this masterful remembering I gathered my first experiences on a scene. I had the luck to know my country next to the song, and have forces to follow many years more?.
After the action in Purmamarca, Gladys Rodriguez will confront different commitments in the Branch jujeño. Also one will appear in the city of Oran.

The group of “the Calandria? is satisfied to Robert, its son; Victor Salvatierra, his husband; Alberto Rodriguez, their brother, and Elio Fernandez Rodriguez, their nephew.

The one of Purmamarca it is a celebration that year to year perhaps agglutinates of music folkloric, especially the northern one. But in addition the Contest of the Cheese of Goat is realized and a parade of different tropillas from the Gorge. The artistic billboard will be completed with outstanding artists of different points from the country.

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