The Boiler prepares its great celebration

The “Chaqueño?, the Huayra and Sergio Galleguillo will act.

With the presence of the “Chaqueño? Palavecino, the Huayra and Sergio Galleguillo, a new edition will be lived on the Festival of the Chicha, in the locality of the Boiler. The great celebration of the folklore will be developed between 12 and 14 of March.

The festival of the Chicha has managed to be inserted in the calendar of the most important encounter folkloric of the country and represents an immense pride for the town of the Boiler.

Figures of the stature of the Nocheros, the “Chaqueño? Palavecino, Red Jorge, Tamara Castro, the Kjarkas and the Chango Grandson, accompanied by local artists, appeared in the scene Jorge Cafrune, during the first 19 years of the festival.

For that reason, when being fulfilled 20 years the commitment renews of a whole town to continue spreading not only to the pop music but in addition its customs, roots, landscapes and gastronomy and to obtain in this way that the Boiler is present as much in the provincial memory as in the international national and.

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