The disappearance of the trains inspired the today spectacle

Important presentation will be lived tonight to 21 in the ex- Railway station.

Carmen Baliero, composer of experimental music, and cinema and theater music, to mention only some of its facets, is an artist without limits. This year was in a pair of opportunities at Jujuy to give a qualification to jujeños artists, and from that encounter very interesting things beyond the predicted ones arose.

One of them is the spectacle that today to 21 will appear in the ex- railway station of our capital, abrir II the Regional Encounter of Theater of the NOA Jujuy 2009, that will extend until the Sunday and that will receive the best theater productions of Jumps, Tucuman, La Rioja and Santiago of the Matting in our house.

One is a spectacle that combine numerous arts, and artists of very different profiles, in a musical putting basically will bring that us to a first plane, a subject that to the villagers still hurts to us, as it is the closing of the stations and the disappearance of the trains.

The Tribuno de Jujuy talked with Carmen Baliero, Carlos Vega and Renata Kulemeyer, that participated in the armed one of this presentation without precedents, to know details the spectacle.

Baliero tells us then: “When they invited abrir the regional encounter to me with my music, they said to me that it could be and so I make with Carlos Fertile valley (contrabajista), or with musics for theater, that I did many. The subject is that was to me very uncomfortable that position, because it seemed to me very centralist and monopolistic that a regional festival abra a Buenosairean to it.

It seemed to me an upsetting, then I remained thinking about how it could be an opening in which the region took part and that was a subject that us nucleara, and arose the closing from the trains. There yes we are united, because although the one was a La Riojan closed that it, continues being the state the one that decides to annul all possibility of meeting for a reason spurious ".

With all this introduction, Carmen shows to a sense of solidarity and the commitment with our province and our region to us, that knew to traslucir in its idea, leaving of side the vedetismo to say “invited to touch to me in?.

By this it thought about doing it in the ex- station, to work on the thematic one of the trains, to include local musicians. “A thing that we also did in the factory was the musicalización of scenes as a form different to face the composition and the music, that is through noise and of the sound nonwell-known, nonconventional, nonmethodical, and then all that converged in which the boys are going to touch zampoña, and go to make the noises of the trains with the contrabasses?.

Finally, Baliero only accepted to make two subjects of its repertoire, “but because they agree with the subject of the station? - it clarifies. One is “Azulunala?, an own of “Aurora? but put version in the mirror, that is the other way around.

All the music is the other way around of the original one and the letter is also transformed into a defeat, to tear it to the wing, the eagle burning fire with the fire, etc. Is a reading of the mother country in decay “and the station seemed to me that a good place to do it, since the train does not exist, today is almost like a n. There is much silence around all that, and a personal abandonment of the state to everything what it was relegated for economic reasons of some companies. As it is an enterprise thought, I am against, and in the factory we agreed?, comments.

The other subject of its repertoire that it included is “Red Rooster?, song anonymous anarchist of the Spanish Civil War.

Like declaring its motivation, Carmen says to us: “What happens it is that sometimes in Buenos Aires, it seems that when the problems pass kilometers no longer they are own. Then burning fire a jail in Buenos Aires and is a scandal, Cromañón burning fire and is a scandal, but they burst to all the tufas of the country and they are annulled to the towns by an economic subject and nobody says nothing because the country finishes in General Paz?, and follows “then seemed to me interesting to create a general situation. It does not unite the love, but the fright to us, but it unites to us?.

On the other hand, the contrabajista, Carlos Fertile valley, were united to the project of Carmen, and it was happened to participate to him with jujeños contrabajistas that are their students, “because there is as a confidence with them and I knew that they were going to have desire to do something?, commented the musician, who each as much gives qualifications in Jujuy.

“By the same reason by that branches are closed, aspects of the culture and the knowledge are closed. This is something that is for here, for the theater, to this we are going it other to leave for the bar, for the bowling alley, and they are really shelves that we do not have because to accept?, it assures, “in fact the first surprise which I took with the jujeños musicians, was that not only they touched the contrabass very well, but also touched sikus and quenas?, comments trying to explain the spirit of this convergence of arts that thought for this opening.

Gentility Tribuno de Jujuy

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