The Faranda will release “Question of I devise?

The company of puppets will present/display its new work the next Saturday 20, to 19, in the Mecano room of the House of the Culture.

The company of puppets the Faranda will release a new work. One is “Question of I devise?, a creation of Fernando Arancibia and Claudia Rock. The theater piece will raise for the first time scene Saturday 20 of this month, to 19, in the Mecano room of the House of the Culture. Next, to 22, the titiriteros will replace “Of iron?, recommended for majors of 10 years.

The opening of “Question of I devise? will comprise of the program of functions that the group has thought to realize the next weekend. Friday 19, to 19, will present/display “One of love and another one of adventure? and then, to 22, will be the turn of “Fedro and the dragoon, a medieval tragedy?.
“Question of I devise? is a spectacle of small format that contains all those elements that characterize to this separate company, that is to say the putting in scene of dolls articulated and complete (with hands and feet) in a stage scene acclimated within a laboratory.

Claudia Peña and Fernando Arancibia always prevail new challenges with regard to the creation of the personages and to the elaboration of histories that soon take to the schools and theaters. This time the one will be Fernando that will manipulate the protagonists of “Question of I devise? and Claudia will be in charge of the direction.

“The work poses a problem that could only be solved if it is used I devise. History is carried out by an inventor and his young daughter, besides other personages who will take part in this relation between father and daughter. Everything will be developed within a mechanical factory?, explained Rock, to which it added: “This it is our first spectacle in small format using new mechanisms to give expresividad to our puppets?.

The Faranda is integrated solely by Fernando Arancibia and Claudia Rock, a pair of titiriteros that dedicate their life to him to this activity. Considered of the more talented theater groups of It jumps, the Faranda harvested sinfín of applause in 2009. It presented/displayed his spectacles in important scenes, the National Celebration of the Theater in the Chaco, the Circuit 11 Circularte in the province of Santa Fe, the National Circuit of Theater the Country in the Country (Misiones and Buenos Aires) and the Cultural April in Tarija (Bolivia), among others.

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