The Faranda will replace all their repertoire

The company of puppets will tomorrow offer several functions and Saturday, to 19 and 22, in the House of the Culture.

Before the opening of its new work “Question of I devise?, the company of puppets the Faranda will present/display all their repertoire, during this one and the next weekend.

Tomorrow and Friday, to 19 and 22, in the Mecano room of the House of the Culture love works “One of and one of adventures? and “Fedro and dragoon? will recover, respectively.

On the other hand, the next Friday and Saturday, in the same schedule and place, it will return to offer functions of “One of love and another one of adventures? and “Fedro and the dragoon?, next to “Of Iron? and the opening “Question of I devise?.

“Fedro and the dragoon? is a tragedy acclimated in the Average Age. Fedro, the main personage, is a young enthusiastic escudero that dreams about being a horseman, but something will make change its destiny and will have to face the danger and the treason. In this work, Fernando Arancibia and Claudia Rock they use a giant mechanical dragoon. In “One of love and another one of adventures? two histories are counted. In the one of love, a good looking prince will be forced to marry with a frog; and in the one of adventure a tiger will look for a man to be moderate with him. A putting in dynamic scene that will serve to amuse to smallest.

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