The fascinating experience to live in one on the oldest circuses of the country

The protagonists of one of the most traditional spectacles abrieron to the Tribuno the doors of their “house?.

The life in the circus is very intense. The artists, always nomadic, empacan and unpack frequently; they do not go away of vacations, travel to do his work that consists of obtaining that, from the armchairs, each spectator outlines a smile. The children of the circus, enthusiastic also by the scene, spangles and the acrobatics, are rotating by the schools of the towns in which that carp has mounted, that locks up dreams and the life everything of the clowns, jugglers, trapezists, dancers and magicians, who autodefinen themselves like a true family.

The magic of the circus still lives in the memories on which already stopped being young but that takes to their children with the illusion to renew the love by a spectacle that is no lost use.

Every morning, the artists of Real Madrid awake, they abren the windows and there they are the many-colored landscapes for which they take its desire to them “to always cheer the heart? - as she says the song of Gaby, Fofó and Miliki- of hundreds of people of different ages.

The circus is again in our province and the functions are realized every day to 21,30, in the estate of the Delmi stage. The week ends add presentations to 15 and 18.

Real Madrid was founded 160 years ago by a Valencian. Soon it happened at the hands of its children, who settled down themselves in Argentina to continue with this activity, in which they have worked more than five generations of the founding family, which they were the brothers Safe. More ahead, the circus was divided with the family of the Zúñiga that, in this opportunity, visits our city.

“Real Madrid is one of the circuses older than they exist in Argentina and still it conserves the characteristics of the circus traditional spectacle. It has much poetry and magic?, said Miguel Zúñiga, its director.

One of the most important characteristics that it has east type of spectacle is that she is one of the forms of healthier entertainment that exists. The possibility that whole families dedicate their life to him to the circus is, also, one of the elements that do of this one a work that in anything is looked like the one of other artists, because it allows the jugglers, clowns, trapezists and others to share hourly together of his lives, in which the home and the place of work, the hobby megre and to have.

Many families are constituted themselves within this space. Thus, the mothers prehorseradish tree that near the place where the circus is based, is a school by hand.

“We are common people, with a precious activity. Our life, doubtlessly, is different from the one from the majority of the people, but it is the magic there who we felt whenever from our covered carts we abrimos the windows and we see an imposing morning, mountain ranges, and another morning, the sea… The world happens through our windows. We live constantly knowing people and places. It is the life form that we chose?, defined the director.

The Real Madrid circus crossed many ways. In Argentina it even offered spectacles in towns of the interior of each province. Also it has been in the celebrations mother countries of Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Uruguay and Brazil. “They always ask to me how I can live in a circus, always traveling; I do not understand how it is possible to be lived in a single place?, commented the dancing Natalia Zúñiga.

At the moment, they are the almost forty people who work in the circus. At other times they got to participate more than one hundred. “We are a great family and we lived all together ones. Although all we do not have a bond of direct kinship, if some has a problem of health to high times of the night, all the rest will try to help. That, for example, does not happen between the neighbors of a same apple, in a district?, emphasized Zúñiga.

The circus, like one of the artistic spectacles older than is known, continues being an alternative that manages to summon to hundreds of spectators in each putting in scene. The carp, that reunites diverse cultural expressions, is no lost use. “It happens that the circus continues being a good space for the family. If you come with your son and your papa, they are going surely it to enjoy so much the boy as the adult. A papa who, being young, visited the circus, surely will want that their son also lives that experience. It is a spectacle for all the ages?, explained the director of Real Madrid.

From the point of view of those who work in the circus he affirmed: “Who sometimes it has spent a pair of slippers in the track cannot never leave it more?.

However, nowadays it is not easy to maintain a circus because in the cities there are less and less places available to mount the carp and, in addition, the economic costs have risen considerably, and this cannot move at the cost of the entrances for being a spectacle that it tries to reunite to all the family. “It is an activity that does not count on too much official support in our country, although the circuses they have left great figures of our national theater like Norm Aleandro, Luis Sandrini and Angel Magaña. It is a great sacrifice to continue doing this, but it is what we loved?, indicated Zúñiga.

The routine in the circus does not exist. To the possibility of visiting different places permanently they add the incorporation to him of new artists, the permanent renovation of the artistic numbers and the bonds of friendship that are created with the spectators.

“To always travel, always to change, they happen to see the circus?, would invite Gaby, Fofó and Miliki.

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