The celebration of the crafts and the folklore already live in the locality San Carlos

Today the group will appear jujeño the Tekis, Those of the River, Song 4, Guitarreros and the Voices of Oran, among others.

In only some hours the curtain will rise to the vigésimonovena edition of the Artisan Fair of the Calchaquíes Valleys, that every year is fulfilled in the locality of San Carlos.

“The celebration began Tuesday last with the inauguration of the fair, that has exhibitors of all the NOA. It is sample of an artisan, native character, for charity, organized annually by the Municipality of San Carlos from year 1981 in uninterrupted form with the traditional support of local and foreign craftsmen together with the intermediate institutions and town generally?, explained the engineer Vásquez Robert, intendant of that locality.

It is the first formally provincial fair of crafts and her organization has been motivated by the necessity to tie to this important production with other markets, but essentially to be the window of a new tourist project that ties history and the crafts with the national and international community making of San Carlos a tourist center of regional importance.

When was consulted it with respect to the objectives of the fair, Vásquez indicated: “It is important to promote the tourism by means of the history and the craftsmen of San Carlos; to spread possibilities of commercialization of the native local crafts; to contribute deprived initiatives to the fortification of this popular celebration; to look for approach of new markets in the area of production centers and, finally, to nationally spread to the authenticity of products and the commercial importance that the same represent for the production of the regional economy?.

“The india berry of the dessert? of this great call will be the festival folkloric to be developed enters today and tomorrow - Friday and Saturday, in the municipal estate, where the main figures of the national popular song book will appear.

“We know that it is difficult to amortize the cost of the artistic billboard, we are going but it to compensate with other income, like being the municipal camping. The idea is that we offer to the assistants a spectacle him of great level, with artists who stand out in the festivales of greater spread of the country. It is not necessary to forget that by this scene figures like the Chalchaleros disfilaron, Horacio Guarany - the scene takes its name, the Nocheros, the “Chaqueño? Palavecino, between many more. We calculate that near ten thousand people they will be added both in days of the festival?, added.

“In the last days we have received many reserves, that encourage to us to continue working hard after the success of the spectacle folkloric. Many of the inns and lodgings no longer take place. Also many houses of family were qualified to lodge the visitors. The truth that without the support of the people of the town, the effort would duplicate and this celebration would not be so successful?, sentenced Vásquez Robert.

The billboard

Today the first evening will be carried out, with the presence of the Tekis. The experience will contribute the Voices to it of Oran. The freshness will arrive with Song 4, Jose Garci'a, Guitarreros, and Those of the River. The program will be completed with the Teucos, the humor of Agapito, “Chicha? Guanca, and the Strangers of the Chaco. Tomorrow they will be Cuti and Roberto Carabajal, Sergio Galleguillo, Nacho and Daniel - ex- the Guaraníes-, Paola Aryan, Chicha Guanca, Juárez Shepherd, the Ceibales, the Changos and the Agapito humorist. Sunday the customary popular dance will be made. In addition, skills will be realized gauchas, strolls and long walks. The entrances for the festival have a value of $20 (popular), $30 (silverplates) and $40 (preferential).

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