“The Moor? continues with his proposal of free rock

“The Panther? Aimo accompanies the wife by Mario Teruel.

“Guitarreando with the Moor? already became classic at night salteña, and all the Wednesdays the most outstanding folcloristas of the province meet, always from the 23. The encounter takes place in Gieco Bar (Sarmiento and Santiago).

“The truth is that everything began like one joined of friendly, where I blunted my I vitiate by the song, and with running of the weeks she was gaining a remarkable repercussion, thanks to the excellent level that exhibited the artists who congregated themselves?, she indicated the singer.

Cristina Laspiur, more well-known like “the Moor?, is wife of the “nochero? Mario Teruel and she stands out by the great compositions that contribute on a daily basis to the national popular song book. Their works are interpreted by the most recognized artists of the country.

“Very not very often I showed my facet of singer, but I took always it within me. It is impossible not to touch itself, when in your family the majority of the members is singers?, added.

It is possible to remember that “the Moor? is mother of Alvaro (the Nocheros) and Jimena (the Five Voices). Also it leads the successful radial program “Folclaro?, that emits all the Saturdays to afternoon, by the Aries transmitter.

The evening of tonight also will count on the presence of “the Panther? Aimo, a voice privileged in the province. He was integral of the Aimo pair next to his Cristian brother, and crossed great part of the country with this musical proposal. Now, as soloist, Bar acts in the spectacles of Gieco.

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