The Sade will present/display the book today “Only poetries?

It is the anthology with the five works that Rafael Hugo wrote Kings.

This behind schedule to 19, the Argentina Society de Escritores (Sade) will only present/display the book “poetries? of Rafael Hugo Kings in the Popular Library of our city. In the opportunity, the writers Susana Aguiar and Jorge Albarracín, will analyze the production of Kings; whereas, this one last one, talks about his to make poetic.

The literary piece is integrated by texts constituted in five books. “Hours of Crystal? first production of 1948 was his and where the youthful feeling is perceived, perhaps caught to the echoes of the love; the second piece was published in 1983, with the title “Intermediate of the Way? for which Kings let pass more than 30 years, due to its profession of lawyer, educational and publicist.

Whereas “Voices of my mountains? (1986), “Drops in my Window? (1991) and “Writing down the Time? (1996) are publications that combine ample thematic and approach the love, the natural beauty, the nostalgias and reflections, among others. The glance of the author aims at the simple things of the life, but also motivations for important subjects of history and the policy exist, when it analyzes World War II or it speaks of colonialism and the government in “Policy and Exchange?.

Also it describes to Marquess de Yavi and Tojo and the death of general Lavalle, standing out his historical figures and I illustrate. In order to finalize the day, the organization of the writers will give a distinction to him and will act the Ekeco.

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