The “sap? that the Inti Huayra wants to share

Tonight to 21,30, in center Cultural “Martin Iron?.

They prefer to say that they are going “to celebrate? this one, their new disc, because what they invited to all the public jujeño to share with them this moment. The appointment with an exquisite proposal of music folkloric in charge of Inti Huayra, is for tonight to 21,30, in center Cultural “Martin Iron? of the Pear trees.

To make matters worse the entrance is gratuitous, that is that is impossible to say that not to so euphoric announcement. The boys, our musical boys will present/display his third work. “Sap? is calld, and when their letters are listened to, all will know why.

This disc was recorded in the province of Cordova during the months of May, June and July of this year. It has eleven own songs and four more of Gustavo Patiño, the Kjarkas, and of Tilín Orosco.

The cover art became in joint form with a plastic artist jujeño been in Cordova, Antuco Aldape.

“We are in a while very pretty of the group in which I believe that we shared more than music. An election of life, a form to live, a thought in front of the world and what we felt?, say east musician who next to their companions, Pachi Herrera, Ezequiel the Lopez and Bacha Fiad (those who were, after the distance of the group of Captain It snows), understood with the years that they take together many more things of those than they had imagined before beginning to journey the way of music. They agreed generally with the culture, with other disciplines of the art, the Earth, are the society, with history, and mainly in this disc, they indicate a preoccupation by our environment and the world that we mistreated.

“We happened through so many things to arrive at this disc, many experiences in the way, that seem several lives. The one is a way quite long that we took route?, reflects Bacha, because they could not be put in agreement with Jose in whichever years take together. The certain thing that the profits are really visible in their music and its growth.

Perhaps great part of the evolution of this group that began with a set of Andean music folkloric, and today is a group that experience and makes teaching of everything what it is nourished, arose when they began with his project “Laying ways?, didactic concerts put that them in direct bonding with the children. “That let us grow very many like artists, it made develop in the action and music us. We find a glance as a child different, the sincerity that it moves much to us because is a sincerity without badness spirit.

Between so many things that are learned, traveling with music, the Inti Huayra discovered more foundations to defend the Earth. For that reason the name of this third disc, “Sap?, because “it is what but it represents that fine thread of light unites that us to all the beings of the planet, and is the title of the first subject, exactly the one whom we composed all together ones?, concludes Bacha.

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