The tenderness of Barney arrives at the Provincial Theater from Jumps

A spectacle to all color and plenty of tenderness, will be the one that will present/display “Barney?, one of the personages for more popular children of the signal Discovery Kids, 19 Friday 9 to hs. in the Provincial Theater of It jumps.

Barney is adorable dinosaurio of color purple that with his imagination and affection it entertains and it teaches smallest. The children will discover along with Barney the world surrounds that them and will learn while they sing, dances and plays all hour. In addition, this charmer dinosaurio will stimulate to the children in the reading, having counted favorite story histories and famous books. Barney in the best friend of smallest!

Along with its friendly Baby Bop, BJ, Riff and Murray, quick Barney special attention to the partner-emotional and mental abilities of smallest, taking care of the language and the imagination of the children and solving the problems that consider of interactive way. This form, the small ones enjoy songs and choreographies while they benefit from learning landlords that repeat themselves frequently, comprising active in the resolution of the conflict of the theater piece.

The show becomes a unique opportunity for smallest.


King Morado and Purplish Reina of the Kingdom of the Planet Purple invite to Barney and its friendly to a Celebration in honor to our friend purple - and its 20 years accidentally to share their imagination with the children of all the planets and colors.

Next to BJ, Baby Bop, Riff and the usual amiguitos of always, Barney will share its adventures in the space course to the Planet Purple and the Great Real Celebration.

But… it does not know what surprises will hope to him there outside in the space…

A new world will be abrirá before our eyes and we will cross the Solar System with the already classic songs and a new repertoire that will shake to all with more modern and Latin rates than will go of the blues to the sauce and the rock and roll to calypso.

A cybernetic and fantasioso kingdom, located in an exotic planet all purple and inhabited by likeable extraterrestrial personages, will give the fertile frame for the infantile imagination.

Interactive, festive and colorful, these 20 years of Barney have as seal the diversion and the memory of the best moments lived live next to our dinos.

Entrances on sale in ticket office of the Theater: It silverplates $90 and $70, Theater box $80, Pullman and Super pullman $50.

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