The last theater production of the Pink Theater

One is a police comedy that frames in the middle of the celebration of comparsa Working Union of Maimará.

The carnival is invitation and inspiration for many in our province, almost could be said all. And in the local theater also such motivation, since the Pink Theater, group that from always considered with its puttings a search of the popular codes and the identity, present/display its new production, “To the devil has its capacity the Carnival?.

The appointment is for the next Saturday to 22 in the Theater of the Return of the Century (Senator Perez 178).

His director, Roman Germa'n, tell us: “Although the work passes in the middle of comparsa Working Union of Maimará, they appear some urban personages of Jujuy who identify, as they are an educational union leader, a politician, a tourist, a nun, the president of the student commission of Permanent Autarkic Being of the Celebration of the Students, a comother of Yuto, etc. to us?.

The work is a collective creation of the Rose, “and somehow each reflected in this work the images that personally lived in some carnival?, commented Roman Germa'n.

The work counts on the activities of Polish Cecilia, Balcázar Ester, Ana Cordova, Gabriel Guzmán, Nelson Calapiña and Daniel Manero, directed by Roman Germa'n. The stage scene is of Edith “Charo? Villarrubia, the maquillaje of Daniel Manero, and the design of Rodrigo Moltoni.

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