They will send to the First National Circuit of Theater “the Country in the Country?

The National Institute of the Theater and the Secretariat of Culture will present/display the First National Circuit of Theater the Country in the Country. The press conference will be realized Wednesday 23 of September, to 11, in the conference hall of House of the Culture (Homemade 460). Under the concept the theater Annoys stop, the festival will bring to Jumps best theater works at national level, from the 28 of September to the 4 of October, in the House of the Culture.

Within the framework of an agreement of cooperation between the National Institute of the Theater and the Secretariat of Culture, It jumps was chosen to initiate the First National Circuit of Theater, that will approach the public the best lists at national level, extending to the provinces of Santiago of the Matting, Jujuy and Tucuman.

To be designated as it soothes of opening means, for the Secretariat of Culture, an important credit on the part of the National Institute of the Theater because it demonstrates that It jumps has suitable rooms and enthusiastic public who goes to enjoy the proposals of high level which they arrive at the city.

In this first runner, the salteños will have the opportunity to enjoy spectacles of great hierarchy and proven artistic quality, chosen carefully by specialists of the National Institute of the Theater. The Circuit is conformed by 46 spectacles of different regions from the country, that will turn by 40 you soothe of North to the South of Argentina

The agenda

Are 14 selected lists that will appear within the framework of this festival in agreement with the following program:

Monday 28|09:
- The Loved ones. Of Alexander It violates | Versus Ace
- Written in the mud. Of Andres Bazzalo | Versus Ace

Tuesday 29|09:
- Acassuso. Of Rafael Spregelburd | Versus Ace
- Brig. Collective creation | Versus Ace

Wednesday 30|09:
- I spin a top metallic. Of Heidi Steinhardt | Versus Ace
- Inclemency. Based on the Square de Marguerite Duras | Versus Ace

Thursday 01|10:
- Stefano. Of Arming Discépolo. Group Barrow | Versus Ace
- Flia. Of the Fronda and Matías Mendez. Company the Fronda | Versus Ace

Friday 02|10:
- Unfortunate delight of the destiny. Of Perinelli Robert | Versus Ace
- The invisible girl. Group Attacked… (by the art) | Neuquén

Saturday 03|10:
- Orsini Marionettes. Of Rubén Orsini | Santa Fe
- Modestly with big drums and subjects of gossip

Domingo 04|10:
- Rolling. Of Alexander Acobino and Germa'n Rodriguez
- Payasadas. Collective creation. Payasadas group| Tucuman

Special guest
JOB. Directed by Darío Pantaleón | Mexico

This work appears in Jumps as advance of a runner who begins again in our province and extends until Pachuca, Mexico.

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