This Friday the 30 girls of “the 5 Voices? present/display a show of live music but with a proposal different and entertainment for the music lovers from the folklore. The additive of this show will be the live recording of a CD of the groups “Both? (Jumps) and “Melina Cabocota? (Tucuman). Both groups are revelations in the rock that “the 5 Voices? put this summer in Cosquín.

WE MAKE MUSIC Live is the proposal of “the 5 Voices? for this Friday 30 of April, to 21.30 hs. in the room of “the Teatrino?, located in the corner of streets 12 of October and To turn white.

This live show and recording promise - in addition to good music that the public salteño can be protagonist to make the music that as much enjoys. One is a proposal different for the music lovers from the local folklore.

The presentation of MELINA CABOCOTA (Tucumán) and Both (It jumps) in “WE MAKE MUSIC… prendete Live? is the possibility so that the public salteño listens, it sings, it enjoys and it makes the music that as much it likes.

The entrances anticipated of “WE MAKE MUSIC… Live prendete? already are on sale in GIECO Bar, in Vine shoot esq. Sgo. of the Matting. The cost is of $20.


This group of girls salteñas is forming his destiny with the done soul music. Their characteristics are the passion, determination, calidez and simplicity. The Five Voices were born in 1995, when five anxious adolescents begin as hobby a dream, that with the years was transformed into a form of life for its members: Veronica Marks, Issa Solitude, Calabrian Melina, Jimena Teruel and Estefanía Niewolski.

From its beginnings, they had the possibility of sharing scenes with the Chalchaleros, the Nocheros, Solitude and the Chaqueño Palavecino, among others. From the 2000 they began to face the project professionally, and innumerable presentations in scenes and national and local festivales followed one another.


Its new disc calls the Five Voices simply, being its first cut the subject: “Lofty Caminito?. This summer 2009 was presented/displayed in main the Festivales of the season throughout.

The album counts on subjects of its own responsibility and recognized authors, who conform a variable repertoire of songs where folcklóricos rates megre, Latin rates and ballads. This disc marks to a process of growth and evolution, where the girls begin to explore other styles outside folcklore, abriendo to a fan of possibilities when composing its own songs, and in the search of an own style that grants a distinguishing and particular seal to them.

The subjects that this disc includes are: Thus He will be Better (the Moor /Jimena Teruel); I do not know Dejarte Ir (Veronica Marks /Jimena Teruel); Lofty Caminito (Veronica Marks/Jimena Teruel/Issa Solitude); Quédate (Jimena Teruel /Ver ónica Marks); Who Like You (Ana Gabriel); Ana and the Sea (Dead Nature) (White Jose); Dreams of Woman (Boris Flowers); Already Never More (the Moor/Calabrian Julieta); So that You know (to Veronica Marks/Jimena Teruel/Jimena Teruel; The Reggae Ours (Jimena Teruel).

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