The Five Voices, in night of intimismo

The set salteño will appear today, from the 22,30, in the corner of Sarmiento and Santiago of the Matting.

The Five Voices will meet tonight with their people. “Many friendly and supporters proposed to reunite to us to us with a musical aim and we looked for a short time to please the order?, indicated to Veronica Marks, one of the members of the group salteño.

The recital will be carried out today, from the 22,30, in the premises of Gieco Bar (Sarmiento and Santiago of the Matting).

The profile that has these interpreters bases, mainly, in the good vocal and musical adjustments, that have become their seal already.

The girls demonstrated a remarkable growth in the last seasons, obtaining to amalgamate modern voices and adjustments in classic subjects like “Merceditas? or “Farmer of the farm?.

But without doubts, the greater explosion occurs when they interpret own subjects like “Spell? and those that share company/signature with “the Moor? - mother of Jimena and wife of Mario Teruel of the Nocheros-, between which they excel Thus “will be better?, “Already never more? and “Full stop?.

On this challenge that they already undertook several years ago, they say convinced that they are doing what more they like, because they have the privilege to work with music. “For us it is a luxury to come to sing to them and to give everything to them what we come offering?, indicated Marks.

From their beginnings, the Five Voices had the possibility of sharing scenes with the 4 Chalchaleros, Nocheros, Zamba Quipildor, Bond and the Tekis, among others.

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