Books, scale models and old photos of Jujuy expose in the Coordination of Libraries

Friday 28 of May, to 20, in the Audience Walter Adet of the Coordination of Libraries and Archives, in Av. Belgrano 1002, the book will appear Basal Stone of the Foundation of San Pedro de Jujuy of the historian jujeño Francisco L. Bonfanti. The act it will attend the minister of Education of Jujuy, lawyer Liliana Domínguez.

They will also attend the act Angelica Vedia, directive of the Association Educational Provincial of Jujuy; professor Marcelo Méndez, of the Center of Professors of Average Education; professor Rubén Ladrú, president of the Mutual Association of Professors of Physics and the accountant Daniel Groso, president of the Open Town hall Jujeño of the Bicentennial, the secretary of that organization, architect Luis Greni and the associate, lawyer Adrián Zárate.

Francisco L. Bonfanti donated to the Provincial Library Dr. Victorino of the Place exemplary of his book and twenty photographic reproductions of San Pedro de Old Jujuy (20x30) that will conform an interactive photographic series that will be also inaugurated that day.

The same is accompanied of a didactic historical story than it was the development of the Valley of San Francisco from year 1764 to the foundation of San Pedro de Jujuy in 1883, with the development of his different areas: the cult, the education, the health, the security and its urbanization. Through this historical story one looks for to recover history, identity and property of the way of the sugar in the Argentine Northwest.

Also a series of historical scale models will be qualified on the death of Güemes yielded by its authors, Mariela Ortiz and Luis Alberto Morals, of San Salvador de Jujuy.

The figures are modeled in cold porcelain by Mariela Ortiz and are guinea fowl to the acrylic by Morals, that the historical information contributes to reconstruct with the greater fidelity these scenes in which Güemes is hurt and soon it agonizes.

These scale models are exposed for the first time. They include scenes of the history of Jumps of Century XIX and recreate houses and sites of the old city. From the past week they are waking up much interest in the thousands of users who concur weekly to the Provincial Library.

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