It arrives “In the bed? with Roman Gerald

Thursday 8 of October, to 22, in the room Juan Carlos Dávalos (Homemade 460) the successful theater work In the bed will appear, with text and direction of Jose Maria Muscari and activities of Roman Gerald, Anabel Cherubito, Walter Quiroz and White Lucrecia. In the bed it has been the most surprising and successful work of the Buenosairean theater billboard of year 2008. It has received the best critics on the part of the press and has had a great call and acceptance of the public.

One is a proposal desprejuiciada, funny, ironic, ferocious and painful on the bonds of pair and the conflicts of four people… four personages? , in on and around a unique disorderly sheet bed.

Sex, the erotic routine, infidelity, paternity, fantasies, the daily obsessions and all the subjects that vulnerably return to us sensible, locked up in the body of Baptist (Roman Gerald), Maruca (Anabel Cherubito), Boris (Walter Quiroz) and Sasha (White Lucrecia).

Two pairs in a same room share confessions and set out their life deprived without tapujos and hairs in the language of public, unpunished and funny way.

The public is contributor of incredible, perturbantes and insinuantes loving confessions, like voyeur, identifying itself with the funny thing, with the painful thing, bold and the pathetic thing of the same life.

On the author

Jose Maria Muscari graduate from the Municipal School of Dramatic Art, with the title of municipal actor.

Between his first assemblies were Creatures of the shades and Withered like the day, and later Women of meat rotted, that generated a boom in the street Current and the form to burst in into her with a spectacle off.

They followed Pornography, Pulgarza (in the mythical Bird Porco emotional) and soon the incursion in the commercial theater with Bled in Glamor (with Ana Acosta, Sandra Crossbowmen, Carola Reyna, Florence Rock, Marta Bianchi, Julieta Grouse) and Open Pair (With Daniel Fanego and Ana Acosta) in a free version of Darío Fo.

Its Greasy spectacle obtained Beca of the Foundation Torches, and was summoned to inaugurate the theater Social Supply Club, in the district of the Supply where it remained 2 seasons and it realized functions in tour by cities of the interior like Salta and Jujuy.

It was associated several times to the prestigious Bernardine dramatist Cappa, for the Right assemblies that remained five seasons in poster and crossed part of the country; and Crude Beauty a dramatic installation for the Festival of summer in the Cultural City Konex, carried out by Julieta Grouse, among others remarkable puttings in scene.

The entrances are on sale in the ticket office of the House of the Culture: It silverplates preferential $80, it silverplates $70 and pullman $60, all with location.

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