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The new version of “Closer?, Patrick Marber, will raise east scene Friday, from the 22, in the House of the Culture.

Friday, at 22, within the framework from their national tour, arrives at the room Juan Carlos Dávalos of the House of the Culture “Closer?, a work interpreted by a renewed list of actors of recognized trajectory. Raul Taibo, Emilia Mazer, Fabio Aste and Carolina Papaleo will be the ones in charge to put the body to him to the new version.

The script, that also was taken to the cinema, tries on the problems in the pair relations in the present world. Without imagining that he would become phenomena international, Patrick Marber wrote “Closer?, that mean close “more?, or “near?, in twelve urban scenes, where all personages will know euphemisms, ignore the traditional feelings and will be only able to still live isolate within the frame of relations of a great intensity.

“Closer? deals with the love; its value, which costs to secure it and the price to us that there is to pay. It deals with the jealousy and it is a touch of attention to the mentally ill and solitary world in which we lived. It deals with how we must fight to secure our place in this world next to another one, and the difficult thing that it is to recognize the moment at which finally has been it.

The protagonists of this theater piece realize mistaken elections and they are immersed in a game of deformed mirrors, where nobody is right, where all are victimarios victims and, guilty and innocent. It is directed by Marcelo Cosentino, with production of Darío Arellano.

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