“The Bybys? this Friday appears

Great expectation lives the public salteño by the presentation on the Mexican grouping the Bybys, that will be realized Friday 11 of September to 22 in the greater room of the Provincial Theater of Jumps. The Bybys is a Mexican band of cumbia, that arose in 1991, when they recorded his first titled record production Returns. Little by little the successes went away presenting/displaying with but frequency, in such a way that with his second production, Punishment, obtained great acceptance with subjects like Crying to cry, cheap Heart and That woman.

With this material they made the phrase famous of Punishment, apart from which first tour of work abrió the doors to them of South America to realize his in 1992 by Bolivia, Argentina and Paraguay.

Time later, record materials as You are woman and Cumbias with love have taken them to gain the distinction of “the kings of cumbia?.

In a unique occasion, It jumps will be scene of this international presentation.

Entrances on sale in ticket office of the Theater: You silverplate $ 80 and $ 60, Theater boxes $ 50, Pullman $ 40 and Super ones pullman $ 30

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