The Huayra astonishes by their great call

The group will appear in the Theater of the Orchard 8 Thursday 6, Fridays 7, Saturday and Sunday 9 of May, from the 21.30.

Some years ago, the Huayra had the opportunity to appear in the outside. Thus, the folcloristas realized diverse activities in Canada.

The enormous call of the Huayra already was reflected in the ticket office of the Theater of the Orchard. In principle, the set salteño was going to offer two recitales - Thursday 6 and Fridays 7 of May, but the great demand of entrances reflected days in the last forced the organization to add two new functions - 8 Saturday and Sunday 9.

Already a time ago the local public adopted to this group salteño, something that is demonstrated in each one of the presentations that the set realizes in the capital city.

The Huayra will take advantage of the occasion to present/display the last disc, “mud Code?. The set will offer its landscaping folklore of a musical production of independent origin that synthesizes two years of elaboration.
The group is made up of Sebastián Giménez, Juan Sources, Luis Benavídez and the “Colo? Vasconcellos. Also they integrate Alvaro Plaza and Hernando Mónico.

The Huayra began their race in October of 1995, when they cantanban in festivales, cantatas and rocks of Jump, Jujuy, Tucuman, Catamarca and other provinces.

In 2005, they sent his first homonymous disc, made up of five own songs that satisfy the variable tastes more, more subjects of Horacio Guarany, Carlos Gardel and Fito Páez. In December of 2006 they signed contract with the seal EMI, that reedited its first disc and prepared the land for its second work, “the voice of the wind?.

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