The Huayra presents/displays “Mud Code?

The salteños artists will arrive at Jujuy to appear for the first time in a theater, with a imperdible repertoire.

Fifteen years ago this history began. Three crossed discs in means, scenes and kilometers made of the Huayra the phenomenon that are today.

Tonight they will be appearing in Jujuy within the framework of the tour launching of “Mud Code?, his last work. A disc that maintains the diffuseness vocal to which the group has to us customary and that contributes new songs of own responsibility. Also, like in the previous, sum voices invited and classic plates of national and international music.

That is why, the native band of Jumps, offered a press conference in our city, where, it will appear for the first time in a theater. Of this form they will be able to interpret songs that never could do live, confessed Juan Jose Vasconcellos and Alvaro Place, guitarist and drummer of the group, respectively.

Advancing what could be the show of tonight, because they did not cheer up to offer too many details, the musicians glide to be with jujeños friendly and to sing great part of the songs of the Huayra, the Voice of the Wind and Mud Code, their three discográficas plates.

Indeed she is the last the one that gives name him to the spectacle. He contains 15 songs, among them a version of “Celebration? of Catalan Joan Manuel Serrat, “Every day a little? Leon Gieco and Guanuqueando of jujeño Ricardo Vilca, where the mystic of the author in the voices of the salteños rises to the sky: “we listened to when it we fell in love with the song and we wanted to contribute our version, to give him to color with our own instrument, the voice? the Colo said, they call as it to Vasconcellos.

Between the own subjects they stand out “Is necessary to wait for? taquirari typical of the Argentine North with the Tekis like guests, as well as the romantic ballad “Without decirte goodbye? the Huayra is part of the new generation of folcloristas that are taking to the young people to know a little more our music, and they feel proud. “If our music serves to approach smallest knowing the Argentine folklore and to musicians of other countries like Silvio Rodriguez, Joan Manuel Serrat and Joaquin Savin, besides our own songs?, observed Alvaro. “We want to project to us, for that reason also we adopted international repertoires in Hispanic speech?, concluded Juan Jose.

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