The Green Iracundos next to Aldo and Pies

After 18 years they return to our city the IRACUNDOS, in a spectacle programmed for Sunday 4 of July to 20,30 hs. in the Provincial Theater of It jumps.

The Iracundos, has a trajectory that is framed in a series of periods that include more than 4 decades. The use of its musical quality in the time, transformed little by little them into one of the sets of greater reach in Hispanic America and entire world.

From its beginnings in 1960, they knew to gain the affection of many. Later to this profit, the group consolidates its particular style and appears the figure of a great author and formidable composer: Frank, creative Eduardo of countless songs that have stayed as classic in the hearts of million of Latin American. As he is already known by many fans of the group, Eduardo passes away the 1 of February of 1989 leaving a musical legacy of more of a thousand of songs.

At the moment, in different cities and countries in that the IRACUNDOS act, they receive manifestations of affection and admiration. Its passion by music and its busy life, is an example for the future musical generations, where the sacrifice and the constant fight are the unique way by which it is arrived at the obtaining of the success.

This presentation, will count in addition on the presence to Aldo and the Green Pies, grouping conformed at the end of the 60 decade of' s and the 70 principles of' s, in Peru.

Years soon search of an opportunity to record a disc obtain, it in 1973. Since then the trips to different near provinces began and little by little they were harvesting his fruits.

The incorporation of the voice of Aldo Italo Guibovich Salazar gave a great impulse to the Green Pies and began to be listened to successes as “the condor happens?, “Scandal?, “Memories of one night?, “I love you and I am not corresponded?, “black Little angels?, “Solitaire?, “the clock?, “My impossible love?, “Hypocrisy?, “Slave and master?, “the crazy person?, “a goodbye?, “Bésame much?, “When it warms up the sun?, and many more subjects than remain in the memory of much people who enjoyed the music of Green pies.

Entrances on sale in ticket office of the Theater: It silverplates $60 and $50, Theater box $50, Super Pullman $40 and pullman $30.

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