The Izkierdos of the Cave presents/displays the disc “to enamor?

They will within the framework make of the Mega Rock that will take place in the Rural one tonight, where also Abel will act Pinto.

The second disc of the Izkierdos of the Cave was made hope, but finally today it will see the light in which jujeña will be its official presentation in the capital. Within the framework of the Mega Rock that will be realized today in the Rural one, where they will share scene with Abel Pinto and the Diablero Pair, Tony Izquierdo and Daniel Caves will show “to enamor?.

They spent seven years since the Izkierdos showed their first son to us. Nevertheless, the time without recording was not idling, jujeño Left Tony grew very many like artistic and musical producer of many artists and groups who had their support and counted on their knowledge in all this time. And on the other hand, salteño Daniel Caves, was given to the composition and was very I proliferate.

The disc that today presents/displays has a great amount of own subjects, which gives the touch him of identity so wished by the new artists. Even, one of the subjects of this work, was chosen by the Nocheros also to be recorded by them “what it is going to much also help to us?, recognized Left in conversation with the Tribuno de Jujuy.

The work includes fourteen songs, and important artists invited to the recording like the Chaqueño Palavecino, the Nocheros, the Huayras and the Tekis. “They are tastes that we occur the popular singers of this time, following the slug than takes control of the folklore?, commented Tony talking about to the fact of being able to sing and to record with artists consecrated at national level. The humility of the Chaqueño stood out, to that it defined as the “Michael Jackson of the folklore for us because it summons multitudes every day?, to come to not only sing with them, but with all the groups look for who it. “It always is, just as the Nocheros, the Tekis and the Huayras?, it commented.

In addition it told that also it was the intention to sing in this disc with Abel Pinto, and one did not occur by the tour that the singer with his last disc was fulfilling, “the Key?.

“These encounter? - it says of the mentioned joined ones “engrandecen the bet?.

Speaking of the time of delay between a disc and another one, it said that “the truth that we were made hope, and goes the excuses of the case, but it was perhaps because we began of independent way in 2001, when the financial question of the country was very uncertain, and the part of the culture and the art much more were struck. And we began in regional form to journey the ways. Suddenly it appeared a record company that it reedited that disc, and proposed to us to make the production of the second. Then we already saw as old the first disc, but the company considered that we had to return to do the diffusion extending the phantom, and we understood the proposal?, counted. Until that moment the first disc was known in Jujuy, Jumps and the south of Bolivia, with the record one, the diffusion extended to Tucuman, La Rioja, Buenos Aires, the south of the country, and Chile, country where they found a good market for his music. By all this work, was that the exit of the second material was delayed.

“Now, already directed and in agreement with the proposal of the record one, we hoped that the times of delay are smaller?, it concluded.

The name of the CD
A day, when already they had the masters of the disc in hand, Left Tony visited an aunt hers, and the material in its house forgot.

When one noticed that it did not have it, one did not remember where it had left it or lost, until days later to his aunt it called it to apologize not to warn to him before. “What happens it is that I sat down to listen to all the day the disc and I say the truth to you I believe that it is the love in all the forms, the love to the landscape, the love that goes away, the love that arrives, the love to the old women, is a disc really to enamor?, the woman said, and the folclorista took this conclusion as a seal that was in the title “to enamor?.

How it follows
The presentations of the disc will follow by different scenes of our province and the country.

The Izkierdos of the Cave is confirmed already for the Festival of the Gaucho in Single Palm, National Festival of the Folklore of Cosquín, National Festival of Taming and Folklore in Jesus Maria, Festival of the Poncho de Catamarca, among others.

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