The Walnuts will offer their music in Regiment 20

In the occasion, the recognized artists will offer a patriotic message through their traditional repertoire.

Tonight to 21, the presentation of the group will be realized the Walnuts in the place of arms of Regiment 20, within the framework of the celebrations by the Bicentennial of the Mother country.

“We are going to interpret native subjects “the artillery one? (zamba), “Sergeant Cabral? (chamamé), “the 60 grenadiers? (cueca), “Argentina that sings? (zamba) and one zamba dedicated to the cruise General Belgrano created by Andres Alfredo Suárez and dedicates that it to the heroes that rests under the sea and to the survivors of the General cruise Saline Belgrano? Fernando expressed, founder of the group to the Tribuno de Jujuy.

“With this spectacle we anticipated our presentation to the watch of day 24 to receive the Bicentennial of the Mother country, in the border city where our mother country was born. We want to arrive with a great spectacle for the festive day?.

However, more presentations are agendadas by the group, since in July they will arrive at the locality of Suipacha, where the battle got rid of Suipacha and then, will visit the city of San Lorenzo in Tarija, Bolivia.

With recognized trajectory local and national level, the set continues conformed by four musicians, Victor Hugo Celi (first guitar and low voice), Andres Alfredo Suárez (first voice and first guitar) of Saline Salta and Fernando (guitar and first voice) and Pedro Loved (second voice and big drum).

Dresses of gauchos, tonight will offer the essence of the folk music, through a patriotic message.

“That we continue seeding you bring back to consciousness because our songs stay alive in the song that we expressed with a deep feeling defending our culture and tradition?.

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