Expensive Malena will present/display a book of photographies

Thursday 10 of September to 19,30 in the Museum of Contemporary Art of Jumps, Expensive Malena photographer will present/display their book of photographies the Miracle of the Faith. This work, considered of excellent graphical and artistic quality, will be presented/displayed by the virreinal imaginero of Jumps Gustavo Ibarguren.

The book of this recognized photographer salteña includes in its pages not only photographies but also Aryan texts of Graciela and poems of Celia Fleming. The design of the same, was in charge of Mercedes Cataldi. It was declared of cultural interest by the Ministry of Tourism and Culture of the Province and is abre with a prolog of the Archbishop of Jumps Monsignor Mario Antonio Cargnello.

The images were caught during the celebration of the Miracle through several years, and present/display the figures of the Gentleman and the Virgin of the Miracle, the surroundings of the Cathedral Basilica, the procession at different moments, and mainly, many pilgrims doing the way and participating in the traditional cults.

The glance of Expensive Malena knows to trasuntar the faith spirit that animates the celebration, and that is the common characteristic that it unites to the thousands of faithfuls who every year go to honor to the Employers of It jumps.

Expensive Malena was born in Jumps; one formed in Europe, the United States and Buenos Aires. From 1990 it exerts the photography like profession, mainly in the social scope and industralist, free-lance regime. It produced photographies for publicity, average graphs and editions of art. It also acted like cultural and publishing manager.

It presented/displayed his photos in individual and collective samples from 1988. It published some series of them in the form of posters. It conceives his productions not only as forms of personal expression, but also as a contribution to the putting in value and conservation of the natural and cultural patrimony of his province.

Through this book this celebration in its four chapters can be vivenciar that follow an order chronological: The Flowers, the Novena, the Pilgrims and Procesión.

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