Tomorrow “Eduardo Buenosairean Barrientos of the 900? is released

Members of Penal Unit 1, their university managers and students were united to realize this work.

Familiar tangles, humorous situations and variable generations to the passage of time, are some of the subjects that will show east Friday to 21 in humorous the piece and reflective “Eduardo Buenosairean Barrientos of the 900? of Germa'n Zicus in the greater room of the Miter Theater.

Immersed in the dawn of other times, the actors pertaining to the factory of theater of the Penitentiary Service Unit 1 and two managers of the same, absorbed the essence of the suburb of Buenos Aires and raised in each test, the birth of an funny work of love in which are manifolds personages.

Accompanying the accomplishment by the argument and theatricality, it was added to the proposal directed by Néstor “Yiyi? Maidana, a feminine list integrated by students of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences and of the Department of Education.

For this reason, assembled in three acts, this piece sets out to consolidate the familiar union, but also another particular union that takes place in the theater scene and that was perceived in one of the tests realized in the coliseo jujeño.

United by the theater, the members of the artistic list were united in this artistic discipline that manages to break with the social differences and responds to the work with people who play on the scene and try to change their daily situation.

“It is a beautiful experience, with a good group that armed itself. It is to share between all this pretty work? expressed Nilda Delia Cuellar de Martinez, one of the actresses who, next to Liliana Ester Rodriguez comprise of Department of Education.

“It is the first time that I participate in theater. At the outset I was scared, fear but later many expectations. We mainly live an atmosphere on respect and patience. Later a good coexistence in these three months took place that we had tests? declared Rodriguez.

The voice of Fabian Tolaba, one of the protagonists of the work, also was made feel and defined to the theater like an art social leveller and.

“I am in theater for six years in the Penitentiary Unit, is one more a experience to demonstrate the good thing that she does the art to us like people.

First it cost to me to integrate me to the group but everything what one learns is positive. All we are human beings without distinction and we formed a good group " expressed the intern.
Also, two students of the race of Sciences of the Education the Faculty of Humanities also will act in this putting and they were happy for working in a heterogenous group.

“The invitation arrived to Us to be part of the work through a work in facu. What I rescue is the extension activity that allows us to know other institutions? said to Alejandra Julian who included to Cecilia Shutter in his declaration. “Since they invited to us we have many desire to act. In my case it is the first time that I participate in a play. A pretty group with spectacular people armed itself? finalized Shutter.

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