Manolo Galván celebrates 40 years with music

21,30 Friday 25 to hs, will raise the scene of the Provincial Theater of Jumps, one of the great exponents of the romantic music of years 70: Manolo Galván.

The singer and composer will interpret between many of his successes “I wanted to You, I want to you and I will want to you?, “the Return?, “Vagabond?, “She stops Crying? and “Small Sparrow?. In 1974 I popularize “Woman? and “Our House?, in 1975 “Your Silence?, “Acuérdate of My? and others more.

Throughout its artistic life, Manolo Galván has recorded 40 discs, the last one of them was Lumbrando.


Manolo Galván gained a position in the heart of the Argentineans, because when its race as soloist began to have value and I call to account in that country of the south of America they were many the admirers who won. This happened between 1972 and 1973; but its long trajectory much more moves back, because their beginnings were in the group the Sonor, one of the groups group initiators than it was begun to denominate modern music in Spain. In this group I participate in the inauguration of a discotheque, that later I arrive to be frequented by the Sirex and the Dynamic Pair.

Manolo leaves the group in search of a race as soloist and receives a proposal to record a disc; but this failed because for the producer its cracked voice did not interest, this later I am its success, and then it decides to return to Malaga and begin his contacts with musical and cultural atmospheres of the city. In this opportunity besides losing the opportunity to record its first disc, also the possibility escaped of participating to him in the Festival De Benidorm.

Already established in Malaga one adds a musical group that after incorporating a drummer, to change of style and name to call the Shouts, where finally one became the motor of the group, because besides singing, it composed and it touched the guitar. After a short distance, it is reincorporated and happen to denominate Blackberry. Finally as soloist began a triumphal race and is there where its voice happens to take great value, because it was unique and pleasant and it manages to acquire much fame in his native country; but as already I am mentioned it was in Argentina that really its race became unstoppable and has turned out to be the artist of Spanish of majors triumphs and major trajectory. This served to him to travel by Hispano-America, the United States and to even arrive at Canada.

Manolo Galván was born in Alicante and at the age of fifteen years it loved to be singing in opposition his family; but to as much insistence of his part it receives from gift a guitar and it began interpreting social and political subjects fashionable by those years.

In his race as soloist participated in several festivales and with the subject “So that I want to You So much? is that the doors in Argentina are abren to them. Later the subject “I wanted to You, I want to You and I will want to You? serves to stay to him in the top and 1973 definitively dumb one to Buenos Aires.

Entrances on sale in ticket office of the Theater: It silverplates $70, $60 and $50, Theater box $60, Pullman and Super pullman $50.

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