Manyines tucumanos, arranged to give chair

The humoristic group of the neighboring province will present/display its imperdible basic parade of personages and one clasede " tucumano ".

Manyines carries out in Tucuman a popular televising program that emits Saturdays, by channel 13 of CCC.

Manyines. For Tucumanos export is a humoristic group that comes hard being above in the Garden from the Republic. Between borders, they work like seven people, but the actors who put themselves in the skin of desopilantes personages inspired by their own comprovincianos are two: Miguel Martin and Gabriel Races. The key of the success of these tucumanos is a well-known formula, but that few can solve on a scene: the capacity to ***reflx mng itself of one same one. The humorists will appear in Jumps tomorrow, to 22, in Scene Jet Seth (Necochea 737). The general entrance bond $30.

“Manyín? is an own term of the neighboring province. “Besides making reference to the garronero, it looks for, to the vividor, is used it to define the delinquent and, in spite of it, for the tucumanos he is a graceful personage?, it defined Martin, the actor whom it interprets to the Hetor; to professor Sabelounpomo, expert in “basic tucumano?; and to the Gordillo official, polesía of Tucuman. Gabriel Races, on the other hand, gives life him to the Ether, the operator; The Irma, one lady who resides in a tucumana town; and to the Masi, student of basic tucumano.

Both actors come from a successful experience: “Republic of Tucuman?, another humoristic proposal of great success in the neighboring province. ? `Republic' was a program type magazine; it had music, humor, information, etc. Within that proposal éramos we a segment. We separated to direct an own project, based on humor in 100%, with sketches new ones, and to grow more in the interpretations overturning us to the production, to offer a better product ", Martin explained, in dialog with the Tribuno.

The strategy of Manyines is based, essentially, in the caricaturización of certain common personages, of district, explaining faithfuls of the tucumano dialect. The “harvest? of linguistic material - Martin-not counts demands too much effort. “People contribute very many through anecdotes. The day to day in Tucuman always adds to you at the time of writing a script. The tucumano is very ocurrente with the nicknames and, at the time of answering or discussing, sometimes is very desopilante. Obvious - separate humility one must have a high sense of observation to be able to arm a history in paper and soon to act it?.

Guest to give a pair of examples of “basic tucumano?, the actor of Manyines proposes, defines and puts in use: “Chuy, expression of cold, `Chuy, tá helao'; Tuy, extreme heat expression, `Tuy, tá that peels'; Ramiá, to drag against the pavement a person does not burnish, `You vuá ramiá of the wicks'?.

With respect to the spectacle that will offer tomorrow, Martin offered diversion guarantee. “To salteño they enchant to him and he ***reflxes mng himself much of the forms that the tucumano has. Sometimes also they bother a little to him - we are going to be sincere, but generally we fall to them well, although the Buenosaireans of the north call `to us'?, adds ironic. And he returns to the subject: “He will be very dynamic, with videos and sketches of the Operator, who has a love history complicated good wave. Also we will learn `tucumano basic' and we will see a police situation between Gordillo (polesía) and the Irma?.

Finally, consulted about which it is the key of the humor of Manyines, Miguel Martin summarized: “I believe that the routine character and the simpleza of sketches. These resources cause that people feel identified. There is the secret of this success: we try to show a reality but with humor?.

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