Martin Zambrano turns “scrap irons? into art works

The plastic artist will set out his new series of iron sculptures with metal recycling in the gallery of Mamoré art.


In his necessity to find an identity within the art, the young plastic artist Martin Zambrano Echenique discovered in the work with the metal an ideal form of expression, mainly because it is an element that allows him to play to create animal sculptures with a deep and interesting esthetic sense. The last year, in the Museum of Contemporary Art, exhibited “Between roosters and midnight?, a sample of figurative pieces in iron with metal recycling of great expressive level and interesting dynamics; now it will exhibit his works in a reduced scope more, like the gallery of Mamoré art. The artist chose to call to this new exhibition, composed of five sculptures of fish of medium format, with his same name, Martin Zambrano Echenique because “through these works I look for my own essence?. The inauguration will be tomorrow, to 20,30, in Carolinos 407 (Three district Cerritos).

He makes a pair of years, Martin Zambrano Echenique discovered in the metal an element with a great esthetic potential and ductility. “The metal always drew attention to me but I began to use it two years ago when I realized of which uniting one or more pieces of chatarrería could create an interesting work of art. But beyond the plastic effect, the challenge is to resignificar the object in disuse without it loses his beauty nor its form. The idea is to add value to him, that is to say, that what one adds or the use that one gives him is always in search of the beautiful thing, opposite case is better than the object follows its way as it is, without modifying not even to use it?, expressed the artist, who followed the passages of his mother, Ines Echenique.

For his new proposal, Martin changed the roosters by the fish because simply he feels a special affection towards this species. “I enlisted with the animal by different questions, one from them because I always liked and because I believe that somehow the human beings we felt identified with them. I began with these `almost tiny beasts' like a game, like a diversion in my free short whiles, but to little by little it was absorbing me. From the beginning I realized of which it amused much to me making this type of work and that helps me to that everything flows more easily?, added Zambrano.

It crosses “chatarrerías? like that goes to the supermarket. The idea to turn a simple left piece and oxidized in an art work because gets passionate to him while gives him form to those objects feels that it is discovered to itself. “One as artist is looking for the type of technique that it has left more comfortable. It is a search that can take all the life to you but when you discover what you like to do, leaves to you better, you feel to you more comfortable and you put more enthusiasm to him. In my case, my work identifies with the metal and the sculptures that arise from the union of the different pieces?, emphasized Zambrano, whose sample will be qualified in the Mamoré galleries (Carolinos 407) until the 10 of April.

A life with great profits

Withdrawn of the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism of the Catholic University of It jumps, Martin Zambrano followed the passages of his mother Ines Echenique and he was committed with the plastic arts from very small.

In its short incursion in the art Format was summoned to present/display its work in the Medium hall the Museum of Beautiful Arts “Claudius L. Sempere? (Burzaco); in VIII Annual Hall 2003 the Association Plastic Artists (Quilmes); in the university hall the Popular University of the Mouth; among others. In He jumps exhibited his works in the Provincial Hall Photography 2001; in the Museum of the City; in the School of Notary publics and the House of the Culture; among others spaces.

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