Midachi arrives for the first time at General Liberator San Martin

The humoristic trio will be showing its last production “Midachi of film? with an important unfolding.

Midachi arrives at General Liberator San Martin for the first time, and Ledesma Theater will appear in the Cinema. It is until the moment, the spectacle of greater spread than ramaleña has had its space in this legendary room of the city.

This presentation is obtained thanks to the effort of the present management of in charge one of this space, Enzo Cravacuore Moschetti de Nam Productions.

The appointment is the next Wednesday to 21, to present/display “Midachi of film?.

Agreeing with the 25 years of the group, this new show proposes a renewed putting completely but maintaining the essence of Midachi that generated an impressive success of call in each of its presentations to length of its history.

“Midachi of film? is a stroll by a gallery of desopilantes personages in a spectacle with the technical and artistic unfolding to which the trio already has customary its followers.

In this opportunity, it will present/display to the public a spectacle multimedia with all the technology, an impressive putting and an artistic unfolding where Miguel, Chinese Dady and will return to make laugh.

The entrances are for sale from $70 for the function in Liberator, and can obtain in some qualified commerce of a city (some even receive credit card), in the House of the Culture of San Pedro and in the House of the Culture of Oran.

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