Sample of the artist Roxana D' empaire

The exhibition “Colors of the soul? can be visited in the premises 7 of the Palace Galleries (Miter 37). Free and gratuitous entrance.

“Colors of the soul? are the name of the sample that the plastic artist Roxana D' empaire at the moment exhibits in the premises 7 of the Palace Galleries (Miter 37). In her works realized in variable oil with a thematic one can be appreciated, that gives account of the relation that the exhibitor establishes with the art and its special form to appreciate she surrounds what it. The entrance is free and gratuitous, and will remain qualified until month end.

“The art is the infinite search of the internal being, of the expressions and feelings lived, shaped on a linen cloth. It is the passage of the calm to the storm, is to find new forms to be transmitted to the spectator, creating an atmosphere of communication and unit through the contemplation of the work. It sprinkles to the soul the smooth watercolor of colors that are narrating feelings and images, by means of spontaneous and personal La Mancha. Its eternal and sovereign stamp loads the oil giving life to the same life?. With this phrase, Roxana D' empaire describes the sensations that to him its dedication to the art produces.

Dedicated to the art

Roxana inherited its talent for the painting of its mother, Graciela Vercellone de D' Empaire.
In 1990 it obtained the Degree in Plastic Arts with Painting specialty. From his radicación in It jumps, it dictated classes in particular factories and it directed diverse courses in the Museum of Beautiful Arts and the Stop Noa Shopping.

During year 2001 Drawing II evolved like assistant of Chair in the subject, in the Provincial School of Beautiful Arts Takings Goatherd.

In 2002 it received the prize to the Best Ethnic Stage scene by the decoration of the program “Jumps is a song?.

The train of afternoon worked in the radial program “?, in A.M. 840. It participated in numerous exhibitions and halls in the provinces It jumps, Jujuy and Tucuman. “The art is the human expression more creative nobleman and, who it satisfies totally not only to contemplates who it, but to the artist executes who it. It is the communion between two souls: spectator and emitter. The art extends opposite, creeds and spaces; it can have the real or abstract creation, but always it is expressive means that speak between us, of our present experiences and happened?, it maintains.

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