Painting sample of Jose Manuel Lopez

Friday 11 of September to 20, House of Rengel Aryans will be inaugurated in High Planta of the Museum (Florida 20), a work sample of the artist Jose Manuel Lopez.

Jose Manuel Lopez was born in Jumps and realized its plastic studies in the Provincial School of Beautiful Arts Takings Goatherd. Like almost all the artists of our means, he develops his plastic activities next to teaching that exerts for more than two decades.

From his beginnings he shows to his work in different exhibitions, individual, collective and provincial halls so many as regional ones in which his very particular plastic expression, of a clear ingenuous naturalismo without arriving at naif, has deserved diverse prizes.

The human figure is the central point of attention of the artist who generally it shows surrounded by landscapes where the green ones and the blue ones of the sky filter through the figures.

Many things have been said of their work, among them who the clean and tedious colors that are distributed between the planes are the sample of a desire really, of authenticity in a corrupted society where it does not know that he is the correct thing or the incorrect thing.

The order, uprightness, the transparency arises in the style of the artist and is absent values in their daily life. There is an accused preoccupation very so that somehow they are made visible in this so chaotic world that day to day becomes more difficult.

The artist works in great dimensions. In some cases their works become bidimensional. A skyline works the space always maintaining and carefully is covered with the figures of way like are not empty nor too extensive surfaces.

The personages show a smooth one modeled where the sign of the brush does not notice. Metaphorically its image incorporates the meaning of classic mythology. *

* Extracted of the book: “Plastic Life Salteña?. Secretariat of Culture of the Province of Jumps and responsibility of the artist.

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