Sample “From the deep thing of my abstraction?

The same is available in the exhibition hall of the Popular Library of Jujuy and will remain until Thursday that comes.

The sample was inaugurated “From the deep thing of my abstraction? of Juan Manuel Taritolay in the hall the Popular Library.

Twenty-three pieces of thematic abstract, realized in mixed technique in the evening integrate the first exhibition of the artist that will be exposed until the 15 of the current in commercial schedule, in the morning from the 10,30 to 13 and from the 18 to 21.30.

“This sample is a synthesis. I seven years ago that I come working with the painting, my profession in lawyer in Kinesiología and Fisioterapia, but always tried to interest me in the art? expressed Juan Manuel Taritolay, atraido by the painting from always.

“Practically seven years ago when I went to Mexico to live, I was related to people of the art: with European like Italian French and, that belonged to different factories? commented.

In reference to the artistic influence that received, the artist affirmed that she began to work mainly in which is the abstract expresionismo, painting and abstract pure, being based on the work of the American Jackson Pollock, and Dutch painter Karel Appel.

“Basically this sample is composed by pictures of oil and acrylic, although there are some have only oil or pure acrylic and is based on that, in the abstraction, for that reason the sample is called in the deep thing of my abstraction? indicated Taritolay.

“From the deep thing of my abstraction? it is the first individual sample that the kinesiólogo realizes in the province, although already had participated in collective Aztec earth exhibitions.

“I began painting in Mexico, there if it had exhibited paintings in collective samples of two, three pictures; but never it had realized a exhibition thus, this would come to be the first sample only and here in Jujuy also?.

In reference to which it means the artistic activity in his race, Taritolay reflected that the important thing is to show the public the own sensations of the artist.

“The important thing is that the art is what one feels can express and it through the colors, when wants it to a person to sell is plus a commercial question and it already stops being art? mentioned the artist who presents/displays among others, some of the works that are exhibited are “So liberal?, “Legitimate king?, “Small glory?, “Adventures?, “Compatible?, “heard themselves?, “Eloquence?, “My history?, “Existence?, “Obstructed?, “I am not?, “you do not forget?, “Embroidered suderías?, “Spent times?, “To see him happen? and “A single visitor?, among others.

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