It shows Traveling of the Contest Fernet Branca “Only Art?, Edition Bicentennial

Art arrives at Jumps Traveling Muestra of the Contest Fernet Branca “unique? Edition Bicentennial - Categroría Posters -, that will be inaugurated in the Museum House of Rengel Aryans (Florida 20), Friday 9 of April to 19.30. The same, is integrated by works selected and winning of the Contest and will remain qualified until the 30 of the same month.

This is a special edition that homenajea the commemoration of the Bicentennial of the Argentine Republic, persecuting the philosophy “to innovate conserving?. Unique art, through its Traveling Muestra and its Contest Fernet Branca de Afiches, comprises of the commitment that Marca has assumed around the art, through the promotion of young values and the diffusion of its works.

For the idea and conception of posters, the participants considered the design, the vision of the mark and the present society in the context of the Bicentennial, also using the native symbols in complementary or illustrative applications.

In 1910, Fratelli Branca created a picture to commemorate the Centenary of Argentina, image that was standard of this edition Bicentennial of Unique Art. With this emblematic work, the selected posters and the winners, this traveling sample is realized.

From its creation almost 165 years ago, Fernet Branca tied to the art from the communication of its products. It is so it owns an invaluable poster collection that represents the product, the mark and the society in which she was immersed. They integrate this collection works of recognized artists who shaped themselves in almanacs by the end of 1880: Giuseppe Amisani, Elio Stelminig, Pliny Codognato, Osvaldo Ballerio, Achille Luciano Mauzan and Leopoldo Metlicovitz, creator of present isologo of Marca.

The sample will be able to be visited of Monday through Friday of 9 19,30 and Saturdays from 10 18.

About Fernet Branca

In 1845 in Milan, Italy, Bernardino Branca made a drink that would extend its time, its city and to he himself to whom it baptized Fernet. Thus FERNET BRANCA was born. And with him a secret, the one of its elaboration. Respected strictly for more than 160 years. Combining wisely several tens of originating grass of different parts of the world, macerated in alcohol and one watched maturation during 12 months in cubas of oak of Eslavonia. There it is his definitive secret.

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