Photographic samples of the South circuit “Footpath Gaucho?

from the 3 to the 7 of May, in the hall of the House of the Culture, the samples will be able to be appreciated First exhibition of photographies of the Raid 4 xs 4: To be adventure and Photographies of nature and birds of the Footpath Gaucho, Chilean photographer Matías Pinto Pooley.

Matías Pinto Pooley is technician in adventure tourism and specialist in photographies of nature and birds. Artistic make clear in the sensitivity of pick up of the images of the nature stands out by its technical capability and.

Footpath Gaucho is the new tourist circuit of the south of Jumps, integrated by the municipalities: The Garden, the Cutting, San jOse de Metán, the Candlemas, the Vine, Guachipas, Colonel Moldes and Río Piedras. To cross this circuit allows to enjoy historical places like the Slug of Yatasto, to vivenciar customs and traditions gauchas in sites like the Regional Folkloric Museum, to delight with the ebullient vegetation, yungas, rivers and docks to fish, and finally to rest in thermal waters of Rosary of the Border, among others attractions.

This exhibition has the objective to spread two of the tourist products that more notoriety are acquiring within the circuit Footpath Gaucho: the transit of light trucks 4 4 xs and the avisaje of birds.

These samples have traveling character and will be presented/displayed in San Miguel de Tucuman, San Salvador de Jujuy, municipalities of the Footpath Gaucho and in the House of It jumps in Buenos Aires.

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