Multitudinal encounter of dances in the city of Palpalá

The Wild one? of the province of Santa Fe was developed within the framework of thirty and the four anniversary of the Institute “.

The Institute “the Wild one? of Santa Fe celebrated its thirty and four the last weekend anniversary, during an encounter of dances that had like scene the club High Furnaces Zapla de Palpalá. The organization of the encounter was in charge of the School of Dances Folkloric “the Antigal? of the iron and steel city that directs Marcelo Sáenz.

In the two days (Saturday and Sunday) they participated to schools of dances jujeñas, of Jumps, Santa Fe and Cordova. Of our province they were “the Antigal?, of Palpalá; “It sucks Pacha? and “the Barrow?, of Perico; “Sentry of my Mother country?, Yala; “Secret of my earth? and “the Furnace?, of Monterrico; “Inti Huaman? and “Camiri?, of San Salvador de Jujuy; “Jose Hernandez?, of the Quiaca; “Vestibule of my country?, the Huaicos; “The Captive?, of Perico, the Carmen and Monterrico; “The Reserved one?, of Santo Domingo; “To appear again?, of San Antonio and the Carmen; and “the Nazarene?, of San Antonio.

Of She jumps, was “the Chúcaro? (Metán); of Santa Fe, “Beats of my earth? (Romang) and of Cordova, the School of the National Festival of the Malambo (Laborde).

The central acts carried out Sunday at noon in the central place of Palpalá, where after the entrance of the flags of ceremonies and the intonation of the Hymn, words of welcome of Marcelo Sáenz were listened to, to close the act the words of the national director of the Institute “the Wild one?, Catherine Murphy de Fiordelmondo.

After the retirement of the pavilions, it was possible to be appreciated in the one of the local arteries dance of a cat and a farmer who the delegations gave to the public present, to go next to the Club High Zapla Furnaces stops to 13,30 to give beginning to the second and last day.

Exquisite musical styles showed each one of the present schools, as much in traditional, streamlined dances and malambo, deserving a special paragraph the excellent level of the jujeños malambistas and the delegation of Laborde. To 20, already in the closing of the encounter, paisanita to the girl Bethlehem Fores of the School of Dances was chosen Folkloric “the Reserved one of Santo Domingo?; whereas the title of donosa fell on the Ailén young person Marshal, of the School of Dances Folkloric “Vestibule of my country?, of the Huaicos.

The final words were in charge of national director Omar Fiordelmondo, who was thankful for the shown effort by the families who compose the organizing school. Soon the moved message of Marcelo Sáenz was listened to, in which it put of relief “the privilege of to be chosen to be the organizer of the celebration of this anniversary?.

The delirium untied when the teacher of CarlosTasca ceremonies revealed who will take the slug in 2011: the School of the National Festival of the Malambo de Laborde, Cordova.
And all promised to attend this “patriada? of the Bicentennial.

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