Humahuqueños murals, the art in the walls

One is the contribution of the School of Arts of the historical city.

End arrives year and the artists, who in this case are educational and students of the School of Arts 2 Nº “Hermógenes Key?, work in heated form. The orders of joint with other institutions, are added, and seem to aim at a Humahuaca, provincial capital of the murals.

Three murals in the walls of the School Nº 77 are finishing, where they worked with the students of the same, is in work the one who realize in a wall of their own establishment, are beginning the works in the park of games Avoids and, to begin, on boceto already realized, another one in the Old Home of Juan Pablo II.

The art of the painting mural, that could have like regional antecedent to fresh of chapels like the one of Susques and to millenarian paintings in caves and eaves, and the Latin American art one long trajectory that the artistic expression relates, the search by cultural roots and the manifestation of social aspirations, is taking roots in Humahuaca, nourishing themselves of its esthetic traditions and enriching its image.

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