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The Museum reopened its doors “Leopoldo Abán?

More of a year it was without the premises and now it works of provisory way in the Achalay hall. It needs an own building.

It was in afternoon of last Tuesday, coincidence with the Day the International of the Museums. And if until the wind it stopped his quick one to trajinar so that the hinges of the old door of the Achalay Hall would yield abrir in favor of the present generations the patrimonial wealth of the Historical Museum Archaeological “Leopoldo Abán?, after a little more an unjust year of and unjustifiable silencing.

The hall container of as much historical and cultural wealth the puneños, scene of the best carnivals of long ago, when as soon as Siberia Argentina was shown to its glad adolescence, is now soothes provisory of the museum that by year 1974 the self-taught person created exactly and native historian, Leopoldo Abán with the name of “Scalabrini Ortiz?, and are located in the street Avellaneda 40, no longer within the historical helmet of the Capital of the Fist as the previous one soothes cultural.

Like by magic art, it arose from the dust mantles covered that it from that one sad 31 with December with 2008, when by decisions until now explained not well, the Museum “Leopoldo Abán? was evacuated of the hall “Felipe Schachner?, with property communitarian but administered by the Prelature with Humahuaca. Since then everything was impotence and frustration in Friendly the contracted feeling of those who integrate the Association of the Mueso that at present presides over Andrea Estefanía Lamas, niece of the deceased historian puneño.

The precarious opening
Passed the 15 of Tuesday last, Andrea Estefanía Lamas, next to his but narrow collaborator, Dominga Sulca, after days of silente work next to a group of voluntary young people who accommodated beside the point fragile display cabinets, pieces and elements of the deep history of these lares, abrieron the doors of the precarious hall to put it at the disposal of students, investigators, tourists and neighbors who wish to hurgar the past in each sample of this center of history and native culture.

Also it commented that “to pay by lease of this hall, in which it goes of the year, thanks to a raffle which we realized, we managed to collect to pay by the months of January, February and part of March, reason why we entered the desperation to look for resources to put us to the day, otherwise we run the risk of a compulsive evacuation. When responding to an precise consultation, the Friendly holder of the Association of the Museum “Leopoldo Abán? said that “although our reality exposed it before the public opinion through different mass media, from the provincial authorities, neither of Tourism nor of Culture, they gave samples of preoccupation by the destiny of our museum, possibly because they do not know his patrimonial wealth in which he does to culture to archeology, to our own history, values that were average by those who visited yes it, originating not only of other Argentine provinces but of the foreigner, often with scientific aims?, it limited.

Only the Friendly psychic force of those who integrate the Association of the Historical Museum Archaeological “Leopoldo Abán?, until now nonexistent sensitivity in the municipal and provincial civil servants, will indicate until when but the important one of the museums of the provincial north struggles in the uncertainty, like now, recostado in the uncertainty of an aged hall uncertain construction, while in the Huancar those two words are made echo exactly: “until when?.

Open and gratuitous museums for students

The Secretariat of Culture of the province informs that, in order to celebrate the Day of the Student and the Day of the Artist, 25 Friday and Saturday 26 of September the enter the provincial museums will be free and gratuitous for students of all the levels.

The museums could be visited in the following schedules:

Museum of Beautiful Arts of Jumps (Belgrano 992): 20 Fridays from 10 to hs and 22 Saturday from 12 to hs.

Museum of Contemporary Art - MAC - (Zuviría 90): Friday and 20 Saturday from 9 to hs.

Museum of Archeology of High Mountain - MAAM - (Miter 77): Friday and 20 Saturday from 11 to hs.

Museum House of Rengel Aryans (Florida 20): 19,30 Fridays from 9 to and 20 Saturday from 10 to 13 and from 17 to hs.

Museum of Anthropology of Jumps (Army of Norte and Single Ricardo): 21 Fridays from 8 to and 18 Saturday from 10 to hs.

In order to be able to enter, the university students will have to present/display accreditation of studies.

It is important to add that, within the framework of these celebrations and with the aim of offering an alternative option for the young people, the local group Teddy Krueguer will offer a musical show in the Museum of Beautiful Arts.

The same will be realized with free and gratuitous entrance from the 18.
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