Citizen music with the Mainetti-Angeleri pair

The tango spectacle, with guitar and bandoneón, will be carried out today, from the 21,30, in the room of Miter 331.

The public salteño will be able to enjoy an attractive spectacle of tango today, in charge of the outstanding Mainetti-Angeleri pair, within the framework of the Cultural April. The show will begin to 21, in the room Beer Jumps of Pro Culture, Miter 331.

Caesar Angeleri is inheriting of the Argentine guitarrística tradition, directed to the spectacle “Red Tango?, with the actress and singer Cecilia Rossetto. One evolved like member in groupings of citizen music, under the direction of prestigious teachers, like Oscar Lopez Ruiz, Atilio Stampone, Antonio Agri and Oscar Cardozo Ocampo.

At the moment he concentrates his activities in the Quintet of Daniel Binelli, who with the Tangometrópolis company crosses the European scenes. In addition, Integra the Quintet Gust of wind.

On the other hand, Pablo Mainetti is bandoneonista, composer, arreglador and orquestador. By weight own, it is the most outstanding figure of the tanguera renovation of the last years. He develops his activity like bandoneonista in different orchestras, under the direction of teachers like Atilio Stampone, Osvaldo Berligieri, Daniel Binelli, Néstor Marconi, Julio Pane, Raul Garello, Leopoldo Federico, Orchestra Juan de God Filiberto, Two Quintet of the Foundation Astor Piazzolla, Tango For Ever, Tango X and Gustavo Santaolalla, among others. The repertoire of tonight will be varied, with great classic of citizen music.

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