Night of sauce with the group Locoto Stand for casks

In the occasion he will be Walter Mendoza like musical guest.

Tonight from the 22, the group Locoto Stand for casks will within the framework offer a recital of “Thursday of Sauce? in a bar of Güemes street to the 600.

Cumbia, saya, Latin rates and reggae will be the musical sorts that will be combined to give like result own songs like “Immoral?, “the velociraptor?, “blue Night? and “Legs of plant?.

However, also the public will be able to listen to compositions of Oscar of Leon, Rubén Blades and Buena Social Vista Club, among others artists.

“Locoto Stand for casks has east generic name since it is “a whole? like the bands of sauce, and locoto by the strong “Andean thing jujeña? and that we tried to show. We have a good reception of the public? expressed Garci'a.

As far as the referring musical comedies, Garci'a explained that the proposal as band is varied.

“We have a strong musical influence of Bob Marley, the Black Mir them and Blades, Celso Piña and Adrián and Dices?.

The members of Stand for casks are “Toti? Rivers (guitar and trompeta), Francisco Leme (trombón), Isaac Garci'a (conga), “Leather? Strap (under), Hernán Paganini (timbals), Marcelo Estrada (percussion) and “Vicu? Rivers (winds).

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